Daredevil The Man Without Fear #1 – Marvel Legends 14 | Review


Published on Dec 20, 2018


The series, Netflix's Daredevil has been rightly acclaimed by the critics and by the public. Many were impressed by the atmosphere of the adult and disturbing and the psychological depth of Matt Murdock, Karen Page and Kingpin. The leaders have approached the comics with seriousness and respect, and have the merit to keep in mind the version of Daredevil set by authors like Frank Miller, Ann Nocenti, and Brian Michael Bendis, just to name a few.

The origins of the hero blind have been inspired by the modern reinterpretation that he did, in fact, the great Frank Miller. The author of the state of Maryland, as we all know, was made responsible in the eighties for a long and groundbreaking run of the Devil in the history of comics; after he had signed the incredible Born Again and it was still occupied by Matt Murdock with the graphic novel Love & War, and, indirectly, of some of the works dedicated to the ninja Elektra.

In 1993, however, Miller felt that he had not yet concluded the discourse with the Devil and churches to Marvel to produce a miniseries on the origins of the avenger. The publisher enthusiastically accepted the proposal and Frank did an operation somewhat similar to that of Batman Year One: tell, namely, the beginnings of the hero, taking on the motivations and inserting additional narrative elements with a more adult, mature and in step with the times.

Also in this case, Matt loses his sight after being struck by a truck carrying radioactive material and developed his radar sense. Miller respects, then, the premises for the original Stan Lee. Inserts, however, from the beginning of Stick, the blind ninja who will teach Murdock various fighting techniques. Change, however, some important details. For example, Jack, the father, the boxer, Matt, is less the idealist and sweetness of the classic version. It is not an honest man, and has many faults to hide.

The gangster-Fixer, on the other hand, yes is the person responsible for the death of Jack but is also in the pay of the Kingpin, which, in the version milleriana, is then from the beginning of the nemesis for the excellence of the Red Devil. For now, Matt fights crime already in the period in which he is a student and does not use the costume that made him famous, and merely wear a black band covers the eyes, as happens in the tv series of Netflix. There is also sister Maggie, the mother of Matt, and in this way, Miller tries, succeeds fully, to combine the classic elements with contemporary.

Texts and dialogues have the setting for hard-boiled and noir that is typical of Miller, and you have to admit that Man Without Fear is one of his best creative results. The drawings are by the great John Romita Jr. that the test from a side closer to the setting milleriana and on the other to remain faithful to the traditional Marvel style. The stretch is rough, raw, dirty, perfect for a story with a strong color like this. The dynamism of the action scenes is undeniable, and in the first storey, John proves to be fascinating. Just think of the dramatic and shocking shot of a young Matt with eyes covered from the dressings to realize it.

But as I have already pointed out for other books of the series Marvel Legends, there is a flaw: the story is only the first chapter (in this case, of four) and does not end with this episode. Who has desire, then, to read the following you will be forced to retrieve the other editions. The register includes, in addition, a plaque metallic from the collection that represents the cover of the original. In any case, we are still dealing with a work of great quality.



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