Published on Jan 28, 2016

Hungry, we are more and more hungry and more eager to know new details.
Continue the interviews and statements (directly from the TCA) to the cast of the second season of Daredevil.
This time it's Deborah Ann Woll, our Karen Page and Elden Henson, the beloved Foggy Nelson.
We have made a summary of their responses.

– What do you prefer Karen Page and how it will evolve in the second season?

DAW: Karen Page is a character similar to many women of our society. It's smart and wants to fight to establish itself, is not a character from “the calm”, going to bother you by asking questions, breaks the mold, it is his way of acting. Does not know who is behind the mask of Daredevil, and I actually saw two times, which is really fascinating because every time you will see the feeling will be real. In the second season, as in the first, will try the truth, at all costs.


– Foggy what role he will play? What do you think of the new characters of the second season?

EH: it is difficult to answer this question, without saying the things that we are not allowed to say, but I can assure you that in this show each character has a story, a life of its own, and the character will grow and evolve more and more. Foggy has one of its side heroic, remember that it is the only one to know the true identity of Daredevil. As far as the new characters, when I knew that Jon would have done the Punisher I was really excited, he is a raw nerve, and it will be really amazing. Each new entry will allow us to make this second season a great product, I'm always happy when the family expands.

The second season will arrive on March 18.

The next diavolacci!



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