Published on Mar 22, 2016

Here ends the journey. A journey that lasted 13 hours.

If the first season can be considered a work of art in itself, this second season feels the need of a third. In the first season; Madame Gao was leaving to a place undefined, Leland Owlsley died, russians died, Nobu was burned, and Fisk was in prison. Here, in this huge cycle, is presented in the Punisher, Frank Castle that it works so well that you could have a series all his own, and realize it in the first few episodes. Elektra presented, we understood her to be ‘drug’ Murdock, and we see them accomplices but Elektra has many more worlds for us to see. Fisk ready to get out of jail, Madame Gao in the rear, and the Hand of the protagonist. Matt has left out the hand, Matt Murdock, leaving Foggy and Karen, but at the end reveals his secret. You, personally, I feel the need for a third season. The second I saw the situation Karen, we have a good basis for a ‘Born Again’.

If we make the comparison with the first season, if I have to, it's been amazing this second season, but I loved it much more the first. But not for defects of the second, only because they are very tied to the origins of the Devil, to the relationship with his father, Wilson Fisk and his relationship with Vanessa, such a Daredevil, more urban, more ‘poor’ fists and the mafia. And then only for the topics discussed.

Mine is only an opinion and is therefore subjective.
And now we see a little bit of curiosity and easter eggs.

The Grotto is a character that we see in the run of Frank Miller.
Often bazzica in the bar Josie and is a friend of Turk.

The meeting. The dualism. The choice.
All taken from the run of Garth Ennis on Punisher.

Finn Cooley was the villain in ‘Kitchen Irish’ Ennis in the Punisher MAX with Nesbitt.

Melvin Potter like the Gladiators.

The Dogs of Hell, we saw them in Agents of SHIELD.

The Roxxon is mentioned, and in the Iron Man and Agents of SHIELD

Blake Tower is a recurring character in the stories of Daredevil and Luke Cage

Colonel Schoonover,

Sister Maggie

In the local of the Dogs of Hell hear ‘Ace of spades’ Motorhead, reference to Bullseye?

Elektra and the expensive machines in a Daredevil ‘man without fear’. Are mentioned Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Foggy Nelson has a meeting with Jeri Hogarth, the lawyer that we see in Jessica Jones.
The final, the snow, the cemetery, reminiscent of ‘Elektra lives again’ and the work of the Hand on his body, the run of Miller.


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