Daredevil: Marvel thinks a reboot on FX?


Published on Aug 17, 2019


Since Netflix has cancelled his television shows tied to the Marvel characters at the beginning of this year, viewers have asked various other networks to continue the series, especially Daredevil. Now, a new rumor could give “comfort” to the fans of the Man without fear, but unfortunately not those faithful to the version with Charlie Cox, as it looks like the series will be on FX, but will undergo a reboot.

Going forward, all platforms will crossover. Nothing separate from ABC,Hulu, and Disney+. I have new information that Neflix street heroes will be on FX channel in the U. S. Its all truly connected now

— Lords of the Long Box (@timvo) August 14, 2019

Cosmic Book News had previously reported a rumor about the upcoming reboot of the property all of the Netflix related to Marvel, this time with no explicit connections with the MCU. And a few days ago Lords of the Long Box has followed up the news by telling on Twitter that Daredevil and co. come on FX in a way that will make movies and series everyone is connected.

“Going forward, all the platforms will be crossed. Nothing to separate between ABC, Hulu, and Disney+. I have new information on the fact that the heroes of The [t] flix will be on the FX channel in the United States. Now everything is truly connected.”

Previously, there was a clear difference between the outputs of the Marvel Studios and Marvel Television, but it seems that Kevin Feige and Jeph Loeb have worked together to create a universe that is truly shared. Presumably this also applies to the upcoming shows of Ghost Rider, and Helstrom of Hulu.

Of course, it is unlikely that Marvel riesumi cast and crew of the previous show connected to Netflix, giving the possibility to create, ex novo, of the shows that they can be reconciled to 100% with the MCU.

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