Published on Jun 09, 2016

Love and War, returns available to Italian readers in a new edition of the series the Great Treasures in Marvel-Panini Comics. Don't know the story? You want my advice? What are we talking about?

Do you remember our first meeting?
They were twenty years tonight.
I was not the King of the crime
But I saw what I dreamed always.
I saw a way of escape.
Vanessa. My wife. My love.
Talk to me, please.

Already only for this monologue of a desperate Wilson Fisk this is a book not to be missed.
I would not dare call it a comic, graphic novel, I would prefer to give him the name of a work of art.

Miller and Sienkiewicz if you love Daredevil, his world, and Elektra, and that damnation is a pair that you can't afford not to know. The couple that gave us Elektra: Assassin, in this work of art casts our hero in a whirlwind of drama and romance, focusing on the troubled relationship between the boss Kingpin and his beloved Vanessa.

Miller was a big fan of noir and added a certain sensitivity in the stories of Murdock.
He gave it to the devil of the atmosphere ‘for adult readers’, and stole the Kingpin in Spidey, and gave him a heart.
Fisk was not a gangster but a ruthless, lucid and intelligent boss, whose real strength lay in his being the shark and the king of the political and financial system of the United States.
Love & War-painted, why don't we talk about designs, these are paintings of Bill Sienkiewicz, and is definitely not a product for everyone. It is not an easy read or simple. It is a scar sophisticated literary experimentation, and graphics that will always remain in your skin for the reader of Daredevil.

The next diavolacci!


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