Daredevil: in the clutches of Killgrave – Review


Published on Sep 08, 2017


Daredevil is struggling with the Man in Purple, the Punisher on the trail of the Condor, the conclusion of Power Mane, and Iron Fist: September starts good for the head dedicated to the Guardian Devil!

September begins in the sign of the Man in Purple for our Daredevil, who with the first number of the month brings us back months, following the story line with which Soule throws light on the nebulous past of Matt.

Taking in hand the adventures of the Guardian Devil, Charles Soule has shown us from the beginning Matt back to New York City, omitting to explain the reasons for and the events of his return, after we had left on the other side of the States.

With Purple this mystery is finally solved, in a way that belongs deeply to the canon of Daredevil. As mentioned last month in the piece on Purple, and Terror in San Francisco, this story is a giant flashback narrated by the same Matt during a confession. The element religious, deeply catholic, has always been a staple of the character, and take advantage of this need to lighten their conscience on the part of Murdock, as a narrative device, is a touch of class, appreciated!

Returning to San Francisco, last month we had left Matt in the hands of Killgrave, the Man in Purple. Able to manipulate people with their voice, Killgrave managed to breach the mind of Matt thanks to a tool that amplifies his powers, taking advantage of their children, they too are bearers of his gift.

Matt has always opposed resistance to this influence of mind, but the machinery of Killgrave managed to scratch his armor. In telling this experience, Matt often says that ‘I was lost’ as though to indicate that the influence of the manipulator par excellence, in reality it was possible because he himself has a moment of uncertainty on their role.

It is not a case if in the illusion that imposes Killgrave appear in all the different incarnations of Daredevil. For lovers of the character, to see so many costumes, each with its own baggage of memories and torments, it is nice to see, but for Matt it is a path of turmoil that forces him to relive his life and deal with your past, looking for a key to build a future. The world now knows that Daredevil is Matt Murdock, it is impossible for him to be a lawyer (as we have seen in the past numbers), and at the same time an avenger, so who is now Matt Murdock?

Rightly, in one of the most emotional moments of the story, Soule puts Matt in front of his dark half, bringing it to face the worst action you could do: do nothing. Daredevil was born to react to the abuses to which no remedies, it's the worst thing Matt could do is turn around, not to intervene. When I choose to react and get their hands dirty, which is free from the game of Killgrave.

In doing so, however, confronts all of her past incarnations, in an identity crisis that is summed up in their question: Who are you? Right, now that the world knows who is the Daredevil, we are sure that the guardian Devil know you still acknowledge your own role? Only when the ‘new’ Daredevil, with his black suit, appears to ask the same question to Matt, finally, things take a direction that helps the reader to find the character who has accompanied him in recent months.

Soule continues to work so shiny on Daredevil. He had the courage to demolish the character by depriving him of his certainties (job, love, and friendships), and taking us almost to the limit, overworked in her double role. I would say, almost human. Now shows us the path by which you arrived at this point, leaving it to the last part of it of Purple the final step, the birth of the new Daredevil.

Matt Laming draws this passage of Purple, giving us a Killgrave in great shape, and a Daredevil who initially seems to suffer also in their attitudes, this domain of mind. Particularly evocative are the scenes where, among the struggles and cheers, several Daredevil moves in the tables. The final touch are the colors of Matt Milla, and Miroslav Mrva, who manage to emphasize the weaving and design!!!

Also in the section dedicated to the Punisher, we find a beautiful travel back in time to the period in which the marine Frank Castle was special ops with his buddy Olaf, a character in the narrative arc of Becky Cloonan, we have seen known as one of the heads of Condors.

Cloonan manages to build well the spirit of the characters, both showing the character of the time of Frank (the idealist as much as a militarist) that the quenching of Ortiz, the agent of the GODDESS, which is willing to undermine the Condor and its traffic, even at the cost of ally with Castle.

The true appeal of On the Road, however, are the designs of Steve Dillon, violent, and ruthless if need be, but always able to convey all the emotional load of the story, playing very well on the close-ups and facial expressions.

Next month we will see the conclusion of this first story arc of The Punisher!

It instead concludes in this issue, Power Man and Iron Fist, with the showdown between the two heroes and the band led by Black Mariah and Alex Wilde. This arc of Walker, I was especially intrigued (except for the brief period of Civil War II), you want to the style of the drawings and the color, you want to the history, urban but with elements sometimes forcibly comedians that jar in a publication where the tone tends to remain rather gloomy.

The introduction of the magic element was a further drawback, which has made certain turns in the plot at times ridiculous, only useful to create interludes comic serial run the risk of breaking the rhythm of Harlem is Burning.

By the next number, starts the new adventure solo of Danny ‘Iron Fist’ Rand, while to review Cage we still have a bit of patience.

On the final, continues the re-release of the mini Yoshida, designed by Gossett, that takes us back in Japan medieval to show us the birth of the Hand!

The appointment with Daredevil is for the 21st of September, with the grand finale of Purple!

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