Published on Jun 08, 2016

While in the States, Daredevil goes to swollen sails, with its eighth issue.
In Italy recently received the new head in July, we will have the second number.

But let's not forget the other events with the Devil and we spoke with the publisher Guidi.

With regard to the Waid Collection, in September, will be the its second output.
“The outputs initially should be half-yearly, then you will see”.

The Daredevil Collection, at the end of June will bring back all the comics, the cult of the Born Again.
“After ‘Born Again’ and ‘Fall from Paradise’ will have his ‘tree of knowledge’, always of Chichester & McDaniel. Then we should publish the Daredevil of Mazzucchelli's pre-Born Again. We do not yet know how many outputs will be the DD Collection, we'll know more after June.”

A bit of interesting news.
The next diavolacci!


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