Published on Apr 24, 2016

Bruce Springsteen in 1978 he wrote the Badlands the first track of the album cult Darkness on the Edge of Town.

In the warm June of 1985, seven years after Frank Miller wrote the Badlands in Daredevil #219 (in Italy-in the Fantastic 4 #32, October 1990) making a tribute to the extraordinary to the beloved Bruce. There had always been something that was common to all Springsteen, and the stories of Matt Murdock: the same sensitivity, the same honesty and the same desire to share important values. The setting could not be New Jersey, birthplace of Bruce.

Lights out tonight
trouble in the heartland
Got a head-on collision
smashin’ in my guts, man
I'm caught in a crossfire

Bruce Springsteen – Badlands

Drama urban, where you move some of the archetypes in the mythology of Springsteen in the form of comics.
A dramatic contamination. The lights turned off. Many of the dead. Wars local. Silence. Flames.
The slums, like Bruce li, he sang and as Frank Miller's them breathe.

And then Bruce spits in the chorus:
Treasure, I want the heart I want the soul
I want to control at this time
You'd better listen to me, small
Talk about a dream
Try to make it a reality


The dream, the desire to make everything better.
The constant struggle of our blind lawyer.

The next diavolacci!


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