Published on Apr 12, 2016


You know Pascal's wager?
Pascal, the scientist and christian philosopher who lived in the Seventeenth century, sought through a reasoning to convince the pagans and atheists to convert to Christianity.
The reasoning of Pascal leads to the conclusion that it pays to believe in God because, if God exists, you will get the salvation; If we are wrong, it is lived evil, and with the awareness of the end up in the dust.

Such a concept is told to Matt in desperation, the mother, Sister Maggie.
In the story, The mother of the devil, Kevin Smith, is his mother to tell him a similar story, suggesting that it would be much worse to live as if God did not exist then discovered to be wrong more than to lead a life of faith and hope. Matt after you understand the reasoning, they feel soothed in his soul previously tormented and doubtful.
Our Murdock seems to recognize the greatness and the wretchedness of man, of which Pascal wrote, “a man is fragile and too small to understand the infinitely incomprehensible, that cannot be God”. Our the Devil realizes that we can be more than simple victims of the wickedness. In Guardian Devil still of Kevin Smith, Matt speaks to God: "Every night, put on a show immortal for me, show me the disparity between the greatness of man and his actions, eons of evolution, and we still seek the darkest corners to our impulses lower. As it must be disappointing for you to see us at our worse, if they even exist."

We know well that the religious faith of Daredevil comes also from the mother, as is shown by the prayer of the in the history of Frank Miller, the Rebirth; "The fever grew on him. No power on earth can stop it. He lost too much blood. His body cannot fight. Die. But it has so much to do, my Lord. His soul is tormented. But it is the soul of a good man, my Lord. Has only need to be shown Your way. After he will be yours, and will bring light to this city poisoned. It will be a spear of light in your hands, my Lord."

For him, risking, thinking, “is there a God or does not exist” does not imply a loss of time, a limitation on some things, or a moral influence, for he is the force.
The spiritual faith is used as a force for the rebirth of the mental and physical of our the Devil.
The religious faith guarantees Daredevil is a good guide in the context of the values, a good vision of the world and a source of both encouragement both of the restriction in an attempt to uphold justice.
It is his strength, his light, is his bet.

When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we'll see
No I won't be afraid, no I won't be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me
(Stand By Me – Ben E. King)

It is that light, and he will have no fear, well, it's the man without fear.

I hope I have not tainted with these thoughts, and I hope not to be too “theological”, the fact is that today I heard a discussion among the elders at the supermarket and I got the inspiration.

The next diavolacci!




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