Daredevil 3: new trailer and synopsis, confirmed the Bullseye


Published on Oct 04, 2018


Direct from New York Comic-con, the new trailer in full for the third season of Daredevil, with Matt Murdock is ready to release the “devil” that is in him.

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This is the official synopsis, with the plot focused on the ripple effects caused by the release of Wilson Fisk:

“Tried by the past months, Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) is reborn as a man destroyed, and many doubts regarding its future, both as the vigilante Daredevil, both as a lawyer Matthew Murdock. When his arch-enemy, Wilson Fisk (Vincent D'onofrio) is released from prison, Matt has to choose whether to nascondrsi from the world or embrace his destiny as a hero.”

It is interesting to understand how this plot will feed the Bullseye, given that it has been confirmed of his presence for this third season: as we see from the trailer, in fact, Wilson Bethel will play Benjamin in the joint crew got together, the alias of the character become almost canonical to the version of the Ultimate Universe.


ScreenRant has had the opportunity to meet some of the cast of Daredevil, by looking at some fundamental aspects of this third season: the return to a more “real” and less “legendary”, the role of Foggy, the links with The Punisher and the exploration of the past of Karen.

“I struggle to find an answer when I ask how you reconcile the context of the mythical and the one most rooted in reality that are typical of the character in comics. I have read and appreciated the stories more ‘real’ despite my having read those defined as the most ‘mythical’, in the course of time there have been various writers that have worked on the character and depth to the tone more than the other. There is someone who has brought people to life from death, and in-depth the history of the Hand, or those who like Frank Miller have preferred a sound more raw and real. I prefer the latter type of stories, we are returning to have this tone, however, we have always had, but in the first season, for example, there were references to Iron Man and Thor and all of this world's less ‘realistic’. Now we are not dealing with this, we are in a context more from the thriller traditional” in the words of Charlie Cox, who continues talking about the new relationship of Matt with God, and with the costume of Daredevil.

“I think I still believe in God, but has a vision completely different: he sees it as a cynical and vindictive, he is angry and feels disappointed it was taken away the privilege of wearing the red costume of Daredevil, who was believed to be a gift but now no longer feel deserving and that could not wear also the circumstances in which it is located, for this to return to the full black of origins. They are alive, and everything is put into question. Is completely change vision also Daredevil: if the first thought was Matt Murdock, with an alter-ego, now believed to actually be Daredevil, with Matt Murdock as a mask, a false. The change is very subtle but deep, and we see it also in his attitudes, is more daring and is not afraid to be arrested, and there are scenes where you can see her enjoyment in the thrill of defying the danger.”

In addition to the events of The Defenders, to leave the sign in Matt was also The Punisher: “This is a Daredevil that is very similar to him, as he has repeatedly said even the writer Steven DeKnight, the devil in him can now come out into the open, and, personally, I've always wanted to interpret this aspect of Matt”.

Important, for Matt, even the relationship with his best friend Foggy, who will have the opportunity to step out of the shadow of the protagonist: “I Wanted to see a growth in the Foggy and I have been waiting for, I think it has come out from the shadow of Matt and took his space, his personality,” the words of the actor who plays the character, Elden Henson“, we will Explore more the life of Foggy, but will always have a bond with Matt. I don't think I will never worry about career or money as he does for his best friend.”

More space in the third season, also to Karen Page, one of which will be explored in the past: “In the first part of the season, will try to process the death of Matt, passing between the resignation and the denial of this. You ask if it is worth fighting for justice, and that is exactly what brought Matt to death, and if it is right to continue to support him in his crusade. Karen, you will dive fully in his profession as a reporter, especially with the return of Fisk, which really makes the plot exciting. And then there's his past: we will explore aspects of her until now left in the shadow, you will understand why Karen has some trauma and why is it so attached to a world of raw, there will be a lot of domestic violence in the flashback,” says Deborah Ann Woll.

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