Daredevil 24: diamonds are forever – Review


Published on Dec 23, 2017


After having whetted with a preview of the new series on Defenders in The day of the Defenders, this month in the series dedicated to the Guardian Devil of Hell's Kitchen finally starts the new saga dedicated to the urban heroes of the Marvel, led by Daredevil.

After having seen them in action a few months ago on the not really exciting series of Netflix, the quartet of metahumans has been entrusted to the loving care of Brian Michael Bendis, who has tried to give the team a dignity the comics better than seen on Netflix, starting A cascade of diamonds.

Starting from the incipit is seen in the number 21 of Daredevil, we have discovered there is a new enemy that requires to take control of the area patrolled by Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Daredevil, a figure who has emerged from the past of Cage: Diamondback.

The have attacked the foundations on which Diamondback wanted to leave to conquer New York has made the criminal angry, to the point of declaring war to the four vigilantes. The simultaneous attack that we read, in The day of the Defenders becomes the casus belli of a clash between the Defenders and the Diamondback which is transformed into a matter of family.

Bendis is well aware of how he wants to handle this story arc, and the tone is immediately in net income. We are closer to a gangster movie that the atmosphere of the previous management Soule of the stories of the only Daredevil, taking advantage of most of the narrative features of the world of john Cage. Bendis manages to still create a good synergy between the different heroes, their group will form in a convincing way. The end of this first episode is a harbinger of big problems and above all, it shows how to Cage the thing is personal!

David Marquez succeeds in the task of bringing into the picture the history of image comics. The plates of this episode are a constant whirlwind of dynamism, with a use of the cage cunning. Brilliant the idea to introduce the characters with a vignette in which is presented a quick overview of their tragic past as a background. Ponsor with the colour puts the final touch to the tables of this first intriguing episode of The Defenders.

Carina the idea of the extras in the form of an interview with Cage by Ben Urich.

The second story that awaits us in this issue of Daredevil is the final chapter de The masters of kung-fu, adventure starring Iron fist to grips with the Vision, the killer sent to kill him. Brisson manages to build to perfection, the plot of this saga with Danny, manentendo a linearity with the previous story line of the Tournament of the seven masters.

The difference, however, is the vision of Perkins to the drawings. The agility of the Rand and Shang-chi is made the better. The spectacular double table in which we deal with Iron fist and owned Shang-chi confront by putting on display all of their strength, fighting is adrenaline-fueled, detailed, and engaging. The management of Brisson's character is so exciting also the excellent balance between history and drawing, in which the colors of Troy give the final touch. The next month, from Snakes and Tigers we'll see how that continues with the return home of Danny!

But at the end of the register awaits us Columbia Connection with a supervisory staff that is dedicated to the return to the scene of Bullseye. The killer is in search of a boy kidnapped the son of a boss of the underworld, ended up in the hands of a drug lord in colombia. Brisson likes to put Bullseye in a situation that allows them to give free rein to his vein of crazy murderer.

Guillermo Sanna knows how to create a situation of continual ferocity, drawing a Bullseye unstoppable. The drawings are good without, however, excite more of both, sufficient to transmit to the delirious violence of the historical nemesis of Daredevil.

After the christmas holidays, Daredevil, and these stories will return to newsstands on January 11th.

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