Daredevil 23: The verdict! – Review


Published on Dec 03, 2017


The number of the end of the month of Daredevil, the series that bears the name of the Guardian Devil of Hell's Kitchen, contains over two final, a promising start and the continuation of an interesting story arc. In short, The verdict is an album definitely full of pages with a lot of charm!

The first greeting is for the narrative arc of the Supreme Court, the protagonist of which is our Matt Murdock, with the last leg of his project of bringing the world of supereoi within the american legal system. As we said with the last issue in this story line Soule has put on display not only his talents as a writer, but also his past as a man of the law. After the defeat in the appeal, the Matt brings his cause even to the Supreme Court, the highest judicial body american. This last instance of judgement is the final step to bring his project, a goal that is at the heart of Matt, not only for his figure to the prosecutor, but especially for his identity as Daredevil.

Soule is very good in telling a critical step in the life of Matt, showing his reverence for the institution with which he is to confront. The words that he exchanges with his newfound friend Foggy before facing the Supreme Court are touching, and show the veneration of the character of that law which has always motivated his every action.

The result is not only a demonstration of the determination of Matt and his oratory, but also an opportunity for Daredevil to return to being the character that we have always known, but especially what Matt needs his alter ego to be. To make all this better, we have the designs of an inspired Alec Morgan, able to highlight the two souls of Matt, and to create a twin table at the trial in which the legal battle to paraole it will show as a conflict in which it seems to be a Daredevil to animate Matt. Evocative, strong, passionate.

The final Supreme Court is a touch of class, which gave me a nice hit to the heart!

Fortunately, it ends the cycle of the Punisher entrusted to Becky Cloonan. Will be the designs of Matt Horak, much below the quality that deserves Frank Castle, or the history of the end of The track, but after the first few episodes that they could count on the designs of the late Dillon, this story arc is dedicated to the Punisher has been a continuous decline. Not enough guns and violence in order to better express the value of the Punisher, and this story line is a perfect example of how not to treat the myth of the Punisher!

Of a different thickness is the first episode of the Masters of Kung-Fu, the new history is dedicated to the Iron Fist, written by Brisson and illustrated by Perkins, with the final touch given by the colors of Troy. The thickness of the narrative, respecting the character and a plot that seems to start in the fourth are a real pleasure, an engaging departure that puts Danny Rand shoulder-to-shoulder with Shang-Chi, Marvel character symbol of the era of the histories of the martial arts.

Just got back from the tournament on Liu Shan, Iron Fist must face a new threat, linked to the experience just passed, when he discovers he has a bounty on his head. To redeem it is the View, a character quite disturbing and seems to know where to strike our hero!

Always Brisson signature the story of Bullseye, the assassin, arch-nemesis of Daredevil, which closes the album. In charge to retrieve the son of a boss kidnapped by the colombian cartels, Bullseye does not have a problem in letting go to easy jokes and gratuitous violence, while a police officer is on his trail for a personal vendetta. Designed by Guillermo Sanna and colorful Mrva, Colombia Connection is entering in his heart, and from the next issue we will see the beautiful!

From the next issue, on newsstands December 14, the part of the saga of the Defenders, seen in action in the preview of the last number, putting to rest the series solo Daredevil. In addition to this beginning, we will find Iron Fist and Bullseye, with the new chapters of their adventures!

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