Daredevil 22: The night of the Gravestone! – Review

Published on Nov 23, 2017

Daredevil, Punisher, Iron Fist and Bullseye, all in a book full of surprises!

While in the Marvel world is raging in the revelation of the Secret Empire, in the period in which the mutants are seeing the universe and start again on two new titles (X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold), our friend Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, has to face a hard moment, in which professional role and identity of the superhero are increasingly at odds.

In The day of the Defenders, we saw how the plan of Matt Murdock to match the efforts of justice with those of the superheroes, has aroused the concern of Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of crime in new york city. In spite of an intimidating old-school Murdock through a aggression of Plaque, Fisk has wanted to take the fight to Matt, even from a legal standpoint. To defend Slugansky, Fisk has assumed Legal, the former head of the law office of Tony Stark.

A legal framework is one of the natural environments of Charles Soule, and the Supreme Court is a demonstration of how the stories written by Soule are doing justice not only to the appearance of superhero Daredevil, but also to his role of man of the law. If at the end of the last issue, we were left with bated breath waiting for the judgment of the Court of Appeal, on The night of a Tombstone opens with the expected outcome. And it may not be to our liking.

Soule chooses to play games with the american legal system, always respectful of privacy, but that on certain occasions, prefer to limit certain freedoms for greater security. Applications submitted by Legal are accepted and Murdock has lost his legal battle, at least at this level of judgment. The impact of this defeat has repercussions, especially professionally, in a moment in which the figure of Murdock within the office of the prosecutor is not exactly well-regarded. Will Matt continue on this road, saw that the defeat was narrow, forcing the District Attorney to cut the support of the office to Matt, with a joke dried but portrays the best of the situation: “...you don't have friends“

The hardness of these moments of Daredevil brings Matt to ask for help to his old friend Foggy Nelson. The relationship between the two are still the thesis after the events recounted during the saga of the boys in purple, and in this issue we see how between the two there is a small opening. The moment interrupted by the arrival of the Plaque, takes a turn for the exciting when Matt opens with Foggy and assumes her guilt. These two together have always shown our ability to reach big goals and overcome moments incredibly hard.

Soule creates a plot that each episode of the Supreme Court takes on a tone more and more solid, pressing on the part of the emotional and Matt by putting it under pressure in both of his roles. Also the work of Alec Morgan, who manages to give the graphics to the storyline, with a good performance in the details, and with a setting that aims to thrill. Two examples of all, the table in which Kingpin and Legal dialogue, with Daredevil circling between the buildings, or the battle with Tombstone, when Morgan portrays the scene as viewed with the sense of Matt, portrait in the guise of Daredevil, even though in reality you as a civilian.

After seeing this rebirth of a friendship, we must resign ourselves to read the penultimate episode of the end of The track, the story arc of the Punisher. The more reason to after seeing the good transposition is dedicated to Frank Castle on Netflix, the story conceived by Becky Cloonan seems even more flat and without stain. It is not enough to put Frank in front of the enemies and flying bullets, is a good narrative structure, one of the big failings of this story line.

Does not make certain the best Horak, which, with its drawings, manages to convey the sense of violence and dynamism, almost an animal of the Punisher. Often the expressions of the protagonists are repeated unchanged, it lacks originality and charisma. Having started with the latest designs of the late Dillon, the End of the track had in part given rise to a certain hope in the readers, but now that this visual effect out of the work of Cloonan and Horak has nothing more to offer, and rather seems to show one of the worst versions of the Punisher in recent years.

Fortunately, we think the trio Brisson-Perkins-Troy to rise again the moral, with the last part of The proof of the Seven Masters, the adventure of Iron Fist that has reported high levels of the legend of Danny Rand. This adventure of Iron Fist has certainly attracted new readers on this character, presented in a human way, that is exciting, thanks to a perfect balance between history, design and colours.

This perfect balance is proof that a good team can give the enthusiast a narrative arc exciting, magnetic. The tournament Liu-Shi intertwines very well with the myth of the Iron Fist, thanks to the presence of an opponent who is a key figure in the formative path of Danny Rand to K un-Lun, great for giving the player that feeling of inner security the absence of which has so far been a huge burden for the kung-fu master of the house of Marvel. A gorgeous finale to an incredible story!

For a narrative arc that ends, one that begins with its protagonist, a nemesis of historic Daredevil: Bullseye. Colombia Connection bears the signature of Ed Brisson (a guarantee as we have seen), and already with this first chapter looks like a promising series in which the famous killer shows all of his unbridled (and also funny, let's face it) initiative murderous, rendered in a charming manner by the drawings, Guillermo Sanna, who, especially in the show as Bullseye is deadly with even staples, tears of laughter, in spite of make a killing. I have to admit I see Bullseye in action is always a pleasure, and to know that we would finally have a story arc dedicated to him is excellent news!

All of these premises does not make that increase the curiosity for the next issue of Daredevil arrive on the 30th of November!

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