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Published on Nov 08, 2017


Daredevil is back on sale with a number of rich emotions and a tasty preview!

The new issue of Daredevil 21 greets us with an interesting preview of a story line that will begin soon on the pages of the publication dedicated to the adventures of Daredevil: the Defenders.

Recently came to the fore even with the disappointing serial dedicated to them on Netflix, the group of magistrates urban consisting of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist is going to meet on the pages of a comic book. The preview that welcomes us in this issue of Daredevil , A cascade of diamonds, was published on the occasion of the last Free Comic Book Day.

Designed by David Marquez on the story of Michael Brian Bendis, in a handful of pages, this first step into the future on The Defenders shows us how the reunion of the group is motivated by a common enemy, which seems to have tired of seeing their kingdom criminal put at risk by the actions of the heroes of urban new yorkers. There is no doubt that there is a series that will fascinate .

After this peek at the future, back in the present of Daredevil with the third part of the Supreme Court. The choice of Matt Murdock to create a partnership between magistrates and the legal system seems to be giving her, especially after that last number you were able to avoid ‘unmasking’ in the classroom and Daredevil, revealing his true identity. Sin to the plan is that Matt has irritated one of the historical enemies of the Croissant: the Kingpin.

Soule back on track one of the villains in the most interesting of the Marvel world, decided to stop the plan of Murdock before his criminal empire is ruined by this new threat. The entrance on the scene of the burly gangster is well-written, conceived with respect for the character and his modus operandi that the readers know very well. If one side seeks to counter Murdock on his battle ground favored,the court, using Legal, legendary lawyer, a time employee of Tony Stark, from the other resorts to the tradition of the gangster, with a beautiful intimidation, resorting to the help of a Tombstone.

Unfortunatly, that attempt intimidating ports in the Plaque to face Matt when he asks for an opinion on its own initiative, a lawyer who has some familiarity with the issues metaumane: Jennifer Walters. The meeting between the two lawyers is going well, despite a certain reluctance by Walters to deal with the speech of their powers (let us remember that we are talking about She-Hulk!), until the arrival of the Gravestone, that thinking of being a blind lawyer finds himself fighting with a She-Hulk definitely out of control. Only with the intervention of Matt, tempered by his need to maintain the appearance of blindness, prevents Jennifer to go too far.

Failed this attempt, it is up to the Legal face Matt in the courtroom of the court of appeal. And we are back in that scope legal that is not only an essential part of the character of Daredevil, but also the background of Soule, that in this context he manages to pull the best out of the series, from the point of style and narrative. The designs of Alec Morgan are a good representation of both aspects of the Supreme Court, especially in the build up to the entrance on the scene of Fisk and the fight scene between the Plaque and the Walters, all coloured with the usual style by Matt Milla

After the final the courtroom for the history of Daredevil, we move in the world of bullets whistling of the Punisher. Becky Cloonan continues his story, the end of The track, focusing more on the Condor, the association of the criminal that Frank Castle has decided to dismantle. After seeing how ruthless lucidity Olaf is willing to protect his cartel mercenaries, in this fourth part in the designs of Matt Horak depict the former comrade of Frank as a man who will stop at nothing, to the point of eliminating the boss, to achieve their goals.

The arrival of Frank at the base of Condor gives rise to the usual, adorable carnage, that Horak makes the best, even if in some images the expressions of the protagonists seem to lose their realism and they appear to be rather approximate. The finale of this chapter of the story line of Punisher suggests that next month we'll see a good showdown!

And speaking of showdown, Danny Iron Fist Rand seems to need to prepare to face the truth about the tournament in Liu-shi. The trial of the seven masters resumed with revelations surprise that show how the communities on the island, especially by explaining its link with the K un-Lun. To make it more intriguing the story line written by Brissom is the contrast between the role that would have Iron Fist, or protect K un-Lun, and the fact that the sacred city is now in ruins (thanks to Karen Andrews, Iron Fist: the living weapon). Danny must deal with the guilt for having failed, and the consciousness of his powers, his ki, were emanations of K un-Lun. His search for a new equilibrium, it marries beautifully with the difficulty in being worthy of the title, an honor that Liu-shi would like to take, by any means.

Brissom shows how the intentions apparently ladies of the council of the masters of the Lu-Shi hides an intention that is less noble, powered by subterfuge and lies. Perkins designs continues to enhance the athletic skills of the protagonists, as well as portray a charming setting, enhanced by the colors of Andy Troy.

The next issue of Daredevil will arrive on newsstands on November 16, and will be the occasion for the beginning of a new series, dedicated to the nemesis of historic Daredevil: Bullseye!

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