Daredevil 20: The process of the devil – Review


Published on Oct 23, 2017


Daredevil, the first experience as a witness to Matt Murdock

There is no respite for our Daredevil. After you have picked up just his life, managing to rebuild his double-identity of the man of the law, and the avenger, with The process of the devil, Matt Murdock puts everything in the game.

In the last issue we read how the plan of Murdock to place the work of the arc of the story is masked within the legal sphere have been approved, with a first operation, which involved Cage and Echo, under the tight control of the horn of Hell's Kitchen.

As in any good legal drama, after the part of the police comes that the law, the battle ground favorite of Matt. But sometimes, too much security can cost you.

On more than one occasion I have appreciated the work of Charles Soule as the writer of Daredevil, in view of its direct experience with the legal mechanisms of justice in america. The Process of the devil is strongly rooted on the legal system of the stars and stripes, with references precise to the key elements of the life of the case, by the presence and reliability of the informants to the defense of one of the key points of the corpus american judiciary, the fourth amendment, which protects citizens from abuse of the judicial forces.

The plan of the Daredevil was designed to allow superheroes to be able to cooperate with the authorities without revealing their identity a secret, since someone has it still. The same Matt Murdock, after having met the children purple, has enjoyed a new beginning, the possibility of separating again the two souls. Get directly in the game on the bench of the witnesses, it might cost a lot: the defender of the Slug, in fact, would like to unmask it, to prove its reliability.

Soule is able to convey in full the iron will Matt continue on this path, knowing what you're risking. The captions of his thoughts are perfect, they transmit in toto the determination and the anxiety of Matt, an inner battle that is fought by the hero, without hesitation, aiming straight to the goal.

And given that luck helps the daring, it is not necessary to stand the form to prove your identity, thanks to the intervention of the comrades of the Slug in the classroom, with weapons drawn, and determined to recover your partner in crime. Quit the role of the witness, Daredevil falls into the role more congenial to him, stretching the entire band with the help of a court version of Thor (funny scene also for the exchange of jokes).

The plates of Goran Sudzuka have the merit of transposing the best of the ideas of the Soule, by showing a courtroom perfect, playing very well on the shots and the facial expressions of the characters. The dynamism of the scene of the fight is equally well made, with a strong physicality that binds well to the rest of the story.

The entrance in the final scene of a well-known character of the Marvel universe, portends tough times for our Daredevil.

Those who seem to take it easy this month is Frank Castle. After the daring escape last month, the Punisher is limited to bury the old Ethel, and then leave the scene the agent of the GODDESS Ortiz kidnapped by the Face. The criminal, strafatto of the EPC, now, as it seems to believe to be immortal, to the point of losing each brake inhibitor, seriously endangering the woman. Ortiz shows not to be a hard bone, to the point of being able to turn the situation around in his favor.

The plot of Beckky Cloonan also shows how Condor is trying to cover their tracks, at any cost. The hunt for Frank in this organization may be complicated, but knowing the stubbornness of the Castle will not be a problem.

The new graphic style of the Punisher, the work of Matt Horak, is likely to suffer still the comparison with that of the late Dillon, but the dynamism of some of the scenes show how there is an evolution, with more attention to details and movements of the characters.

And speaking of dynamism, in the run of the Iron Fist we can find in quantity. Left the last fight with the rat of the plagues, Danny is addressing this poisonous enemy trying not to be overwhelmed. The clash presents a large price in terms of strength, given that the who is employed to cleanse his body from the poison of the Rat.

In this episode they begin to emerge in a way more manifest the real intention of Liu-Shi and, above all, to the point that the seven masters are ready to go even to defeat the chosen of K un-Lun. And Brissom imbastisce the story according to the classic system of the tournament, with constant duels, in which he inserts moments of the epic battles that lightening with the beats of Danny, creating a perfect balance that does not bore the reader.

The drawings of Mike Perkins, with the colour work of Andy Troy, emphasize the writing of Brisson. The fights are made in such a way that is fluid and exciting, with deep characterization and power. The setting is dotted with care, being rendered still more by the intense and evocative.

The final surprise seems to suggest that this was an amazing hide much more than we thought!

In the appendix, two short stories, one interesting on a quick mission of the Punischer against a pedophile and not really exciting.

Now we just have to wait for Daredevil 21 and see how it will evolve the plan to Matt, but I think we will see some beautiful!

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