Published on May 10, 2016

Eight months after the end of Secret Wars, Daredevil has a black costume, he works as a public prosecutor at the court of Manhattan, has a shoulder that supports him, and his identity is the new secret to all (or almost all...) are You ready? I'm ready, and I'm not afraid.

Before I start I wanted to warn you that the volume is The all-New Marvel – Prologue’ there is a story about the Blindspot. We can consider it an intro, a sort of Daredevil #0. A story (six pages) to introduce this new character who we will see in the first cycle of the Devil. Samuel Chung, a chinese boy (without a passport) that cleans toilets at Columbia University for a living and pay the rent of the apartment that she shares with her sister Hannah. Ever since he was 12 years old working on a jumpsuit, a costume (loaded with batteries) which makes it invisible. The number ends with Daredevil that comes as a surprise then saving it.

It all starts with Daredevil, who saves Billy Li, a type that is thrown down from the bridge by henchmen of Diecidita, a new villain in town. Daredevil the door (to heal and rest him) from the dear Foggy, which gives us the first clues on the factor identity secret; (Matt has allowed Foggy to remember, but he did forget the other. What? Yes, but slowly we will understand more and more). Matt Murdock, advises Bill to confess everything to have some clue about Diecidita. We know the new companion of Matt, Ellen King, and we see in action the young Blindspot (read is The brand-New Marvel – a Prologue’, to get to know him a little more) that at the end we find behind Diecidita ready to kill Billy, and the lawyer Matt Murdock (of course, Blindspot does not know that Matt Murdock and Daredevil are the same person).

Begins with a parallelism between Diecidita, and Matt Murdock. Who are they and what do they do?
Why is it interesting to Diecidita? Why is a villain, a holy man who wants to do good. He founded a church in Chinatown (the Church of the Hands, the Protectors) and has become very popular because it promises to “save” all his disciples (in exchange for something...) Murdock, with the power of the courts, wants to close the Church so dangerous, that targets undocumented migrants, promising salvation. How can you make it? Thanks to the testimonies of Billy. But what happens? Samuel “Blindspot”, along with other types of Diecidita, made him change his mind by cutting of the fingers, and Matt and out of the game.
Ends with a training between the Devil and the new sidekick which speaks of powers, of responsibility, of the Iron Man and don't understand that the game is doing a Blindspot (addicted to Twitter).
It is against Diecidita? And against Matt? It is against DD? He wants to save Chinatown, we'll see what's going to happen.

I'm really happy, excited and amused by this beginning.
There are so many ideas interesting and a lot of depth in the topics covered by the Soule.
We see a very high rhythm, a Matt, very cynical and cold, and the colors are very dark.

Ah, I forgot, it ends really with the Hand that wants his power stolen, apparently, from Diecidita.
Special guests of Daredevil, and Blindspot all inside the Church of the Hands, the Protectors, July (until September comes out once every two months).
The next diavolacci!


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