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Published on Jul 08, 2019


The american publishing houses now tend to close the series successful for them right away to start afresh from number one, maybe with the hope to attract potential new readers. In this sense, the Marvel is no exception and in recent months we have had the opportunity to see heads start over from the beginning. Now it's up to the Devil, the hero in blind man created by Stan Lee and Bill Everett in the heart of many fans and the protagonist of a series Netflix highly acclaimed by the critics and the public.

Those who read from a long time Daredevil will know that it's a comic-book atmosphere adult and sophisticated. It should be the great Frank Miller who, in the eighties, he made a revolutionary run tones and disturbing that it represented, and in the end is still a point of reference for the various authors that in the course of the years, have narrated the dramatic events of Matt Murdock.

It also applies to Chip Zdarsky, the current writer of Daredevil, which connects to situations noir influences milleriana. As a fan knows that, previously, Matt has spent a good period of time. After being run over by a truck, he is subjected to weeks of intense physiotherapy and it goes without saying that his activities as a masked vigilante has suffered. Now, however, he recovered and seems ready to get back in the action. But is it really so?
Zdarsky presents us with an individual's troubled, emotionally shaken by recent events, going to a dive bar and approaches a girl. Describes, then, a man fallible, that still does not know which direction to give to his life. Of course, the crime in Hell's Kichen is always lurking, and therefore Matt will find the courage to wear the clothes of the Red Devil. This time, however, the return of the hero will not be without consequences and you can tell already from this first episode that things will not be pleasant.

If we add to this the insidious presence of the Kingpin, arch-nemesis of the Devil, you can guess that the trouble for Matt have just started.

It is not easy to judge Daredevil on the basis of a single episode. In any case, Zdarsky writes the lyrics and dialogues are deep and intense, and outlines a story-line based on the contrast between the present and the past. There are several flashbacks that focus on the young life of Matt that are used by the author to highlight the psychology of the character. Zdarsky addresses the problematic relationship with the father, Battlin’ Jack, and the deep sense of justice that animates Matt, while at the same time, the emergence of profound faith. The references to catholicism are, in fact, recurrent and constitute one of the most peculiar aspects of the plot.

Not missing, of course, the action, and we understand that Zdarsky intends to build a story-arc complex that may hold several surprises. In short, Daredevil seems to start with the right foot and has great potential. The designs are by the Italian Marco Checchetto, who has already had the opportunity to show his talent to the Marvel. His style is naturalistic and detailed, and the tables are characterized by chiaroscuro perfect for a film noir.

In the sequences the most peaceful Checchetto pays particular attention to the facial expressions of the characters, by resorting to shots of the setting for the film that would allow him to express the inner torment of the Devil, the hardness of heart of some corrupt cops and the sensitivity of a girl who spends the night with Matt. In those of the action, however, have a fluidity and plasticity that confer elegance to the table. If there is one point to make is that sometimes the stroke is excessively cuteness and may evoke a certain coldness. But it is a minor detail that does not compromise the overall quality of his work.

Are, finally, reported to the colours dark and dirty, well suited to a series like Daredevil, Sunny Gho and embellish the pencils of Checchetto. In short, this new series of the Red Devil is to keep an eye and has all the cards in rule to become one of the best proposals of the Marvel contemporary. For you to try.

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