Published on Dec 03, 2015

I read Daredevil #1. I read it two times.
Quiet, you'll only have a couple of considerations. Except for a few picture there will be spoilers.
We will talk about this is certainly best when you arrive in Italy (May).

The new run written by Charles Soule, drawn by Ron Garney, colored by Matt Milla, begins with a bang. Truly amazing. Sincerely I didn't expect so and I'm pleasantly surprised.
When I opened the first pages; the thugs, the bridge and the sky I immediately felt the smell of Miller.

Considering that it is a question that cannot or will not sleep at night, I will start by telling you that Soule, it does not explain how did Murdock to have the secret identity. It's been eight months between Secret Wars and this number, then something will have happened, also because you can breathe an atmosphere very tense, but Soule said that we will know within the #12. Climate very tense, as the “new” Matt Murdock, cold, careful, and cynical.
There is a dialogue with Foggy, in addition to being a fascinating and pungent, the rhythms are very high.

Blindspot. The debut in the special ‘Marvel Point One’ I had did not understand his role.
A companion. A shoulder. A student? Soule will not wait long to give us elements more and more, and it will be really nice to see him in action, especially in terms of graphics.

The final opinions?
I've enjoyed thanks to the texts of the Soule, is very witty. I loved Garney that mentions Miller.
I loved the colors of Matt Milla (which seems to me the colorist suitable for Daredevil given the name and the surname... let's just leave it). Really a great job

So I can't wait to continue to read this run.
I'm curious to see how you evolve things.
The next diavolacci!


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