DanMachi: Memory Freese, the mobile game for iOS and Android arrives in Italy


Published on Sep 28, 2019


GREE Wright Flyer Studios announced that the role-playing game for iOS and Android mobile devices DanMachi – Memory Freese, inspired by the series of light novels Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? of Fujino Omori and Suzuhito Yasuda, published by J-POP in Italy, will be available in 27 european countries, including Italy.

The pre-registrations to the game are already open.; the game will be localized in English, French and German.

In Italy the first two animated series are available in streaming su Yamato Animation:

Bell Cranel is a young adventurer who tackles the dangerous dungeon alone. Unlike regular adventurers, who are desirous of fame and riches, he is driven only by the desire to randomly meet a girl and become a hero in front of his eyes, as in the stories told by the grandfather.
Initially, his only friend is a Friend, a goddess who takes constant care of him as a love lost and jealous of any girl who gets close.

But soon their family will welcome a new and bizarre members!

A third season and an OVA in the works.

DanMachi: Memory Freese, the mobile game for iOS and Android arrives in the uk




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