Daniele Bossari a step from suicide the story shock


Published on Nov 30, 2019


Daniele Bossari a step from suicide the story shock. A tale of the open heart of a really difficult time in his life. So Daniele Bossari says without filters, the drama that has affected him.

“I couldn't find a solution to my problems and I began to think of get on / off, it just seemed like the thing less painful for all.”
So Daniele Bossari to True, for the first time on television talks about his journey into the abyss of depression, chronicled in her new book, ‘The hidden face of Light’.

Retracing the dramatic period of his life, Daniel confesses:

“One night I was home alone, it was raining a lot and I remember being released was because it tripped the alarm. In front of the house there was an open yard, so, in a state of total confusion, I decided to climb the fence. I have climbed and I found myself balancing on a beam 10 feet in height. There, I understood that the hypothesis of the death he was about to become real.”

The television presenter reveals himself to Silvia University the importance of that episode, the real watershed for its rebirth:

“After you slipped on the beam and I came home and there was the awakening. I looked in the mirror, and I heard a scream of a strong exit from my soul, that made me shoot something. Since that time there has been the reconstruction of my life until you get to today. After, he adds, there has been the invaluable assistance of the loved ones, Filippa, my family and even a psychologist. But if it clicks something inside of you there is no escape, it's up to you to save you.”

The winner of the second edition of ‘Big Brother VIP’ also explains how his dark period has influenced the years in which he worked precisely True:

“When I was here I had already fallen into the abyss, and i already had my ghosts. I didn't feel well and I have to apologize to Silvia. I was really struggling and sprecavo a great deal of energy to maintain a facade decent: in the evening I'd come home destroyed.


Luca Barbareschi deferred to the judgment he explains why

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