Daniel Craig: the secret agents fall


Published on May 14, 2019


And the production of the film is stopped

There seems to be no peace for the new installation of one of the sagas most popular and long-lived of the international cinema: that of James Bond, the sophisticated secret agent with a license to kill. Daniel Craig, who, since 2005, wears the expensive clothes of the charming character, has created many problems to the production.

Always sincere and not at all diplomatic in expressing his refusal to interpret, of new the character, Craig was finally convinced and a few weeks ago, filming began in Jamaica. The actor, known in the field as a perfectionist, he claimed to always carry a team of nutritionists and coaches, to stay in shape.

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It seems that all of this is not enough. During the last few days working in the Caribbean Craig, which does not use almost never stunt-men when he's in the role of the british spy fell on set and was immediately transported to the United States for the controls, slowing done the shooting.

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An anonymous source has told the Sun what had happened, adding that the actor has not taken well to the incident: “Daniel was ready for one of the last scenes in Jamaica, was running very fast, you slipped and fell in a manner quite funny. He felt a lot of pain and complained of the ankle. He was very angry, he threw off the jacket of his full to the ground.”

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