Dancing with the Stars news: Fabio Basile and Anastasia Kuzmina are a couple

Published on May 28, 2017

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They came close to victory on Dancing with the Stars, but the talent Rai 1 Fabio Basile and Anastasia Kuzmina has left a memory more sweet because even if, officially, until today none of the two boys has admitted in public, then make a steady couple. Today is just the dancer from the ukraine who is living and working in Italy, to admit that with the olympic champion in judo has struck the spark, as they say, the latest news or gossip, even if they prefer to both take it one step at a time.

The beautiful Anastasia spoke with the weekly ‘Ofmore’, confirming that she and Fabio are now together, but until they have been competitors in the talent Rai 1 thought only of the race, and not to love. “It all happened after she admitted the Kuzmina – because first we thought that it would be just great friends. But with the benefit of hindsight, I realize that even then, when we dancing together on tv, we were falling in love without knowing it”. The dancer in fact you had just left with the expecting partner, but through no fault of Fabio, and there seemed to be wonder to start a story so soon.

Instead, after sweating in the gym and on the track together, at the final party of dancing with the Stars is enough to a look between them to understand that they were complementary and whether or not you have spoken is taken, however, a spring, and since then have continued to see each other on a regular basis, even if the dancer is soon to define the love of his life: “But I can say that it is a very nice feeling, very clean. A feeling that makes me happy,” he concluded. In the meantime, he, but now is in Japan to prepare for his upcoming competitions and will remain three months.

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