Dancing with the stars 2020, the first 5 competitors with the clues of Milly Carlucci: the identity


Published on Mar 07, 2020


The fifteenth edition of Dancing with the stars will begin regularly on march 28, 2020 no none slip despite the emergence coronaviruses. This was announced by Milly Carlucci that, among other things, in these hours, via social media, are giving many clues about competitors that we see on Dancing with the stars the 2020 on the track. Four at the moment, the clues in the data, and 4 names that we can already give you. Not at the moment of the big surprises, the names of the competitors that we can in fact give you, were circulated on social and on the sites that deal with tv in the last few weeks.

So let's see who should get on the track to Dancing with the stars 15.

The name of the actress circulating for months, because she was to declare in an interview that it would participate in the program of Rai 1. Sign lion, height 1,74 the mother of Alessandro Borghese is ready to hit the track. Tomorrow, among other things, Barbara Bouchet, it will also be a guest ON a Sunday where it might confirm in an official way, his presence on the talent dancer Rai 1.

The second competitor is Antonio Maria Catalan, a visual artist known in the world of art with the name of Olaf. Quite a following on social, a physicist, a sculptor, will certainly appeal to the ladies, that is just a VIP, this is excluded, but we know that in a cast, there can be only one star!

You know who was the sound engineer that we often saw in Sanremo and that they all have recognized in the video of the quarrel between Bugo and Morgan? Gilles Rocca, guest also Come to me with Caterina Balivo, where he told his strange story. On the social the ladies are crazy for so much beauty, and Milly is the set of the escape model and actor, who will be among the protagonists of Dancing with the stars.

The fourth competitor on the track to Dancing with the stars is the boxer Daniel Scarcina, boyfriend Diletta Leotta ( something tells us that will be engaged on the ring with Wild Lucarelli, a ring-dialectical means). The sign of aries, Daniel was born on the 2nd of April, his name had already been made by months.

What do you say then these first 4 names?

The fifth name comes not from the social but from Italy, yes. In the cast of Dancing with the stars 2020 there will be also the actress Vittoria Schisano.

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