Dancing with the stars 2019, the winner, and if at the end it was Lasse to triumph?


Published on May 27, 2019


This edition of Dancing with the stars 2019 has not given particular controversy to the public at home, on the contrary. In the first episodes, maybe even thanks to the presence of Sister Cristina on the track, the competitors of this 14th edition seemed to be really the little lambs. It was an issue a little more carefree than in the past, more cheerful. And part of the merit goes also to another of the protagonists of Dancing with the stars 2019. Let's talk about Lasse Matberg that, the party maluccio, you have to admit it, as a sort of jester to the situation, then transformed, thanks to his commitment and that of the talented Sara di Vaira, one of the possible winners of this edition. The jury of Dancing with the stars has already chosen the contestant with the revelation of this 14th edition, and let's not forget that the public will play a crucial role in the final, and Lasse, really like to the public.


Well away from those stereotypes that we have on the people of the north of Europe, Lasse with his simplicity and with his overwhelming energy involved but, above all, in spite of the tonnage, has proven that you can also get on track and do well. Excite and be excited, have fun and entertain, but also to find a different price when there is no need! And Lasse has been able to do despite the constant trips between Italy and Norway.

A character who has been able to bring a breath of fresh air in that of Rai 1 and has made it even more funny, the same Sara di Vaira in this edition of Dancing you could concentrate more on dance and less on the controversy, which in the past have seen it as the protagonist. To demonstrate that the trick of getting on the jury is not always the one winning!

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We just have to wait until the episode of Friday night to learn who will be the winner of this 14th edition of Dancing with the stars. You for those who tifate?

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