Dancing with the stars 2019, the final report cards of the finalists of this edition


Published on May 31, 2019


It's time to end to the Dancing with the stars 2019, and it is time also to take stock of what has happened in this 14th edition of great success. A cast of super, perhaps a little polemical, but that the track has been able to give the maximum conquering the audience at home who has followed this issue with great affection. We could rename it edition, the stylish and serene, as not seen in a long time. The merits of all but especially of the aspiring dancers who have focused more on the track than on the rest.

May 31, 2019 in the broadcast at the final of Dancing with the stars 2019, with the election of the winner: how it will end, who will raise the cup to the sky?

There are six couples vying for the title this evening: Milena Vukotic – Simone Di Pasquale; Ettore Bassi – Alessandra Tripoli; Nunzia De Girolamo – Raimondo Todaro; Lasse Matberg – Sara Di Vaira; Dani Osvaldo – True Kinnunen; Angel – Russian Anastasia Kuzmina.

And we decided to give votes! Here's our report cards to the pairs finalists of Dancing with the stars 2019.

Milena Simone: every time we saw Milena get on the track we were as if hypnotized by the power of a woman that at his age he is put into play by risking large. Charisma, but also sweetness, two things that are difficult to merge. Much of the credit goes to you but also to Simon who has been able to control the forces while also allowing that Milena does not hurt. He used it with full knowledge of the steps, the movements, the sockets and the emotions giving us some of the best performances in the history of the program. VOTE 8,5

Ettore Bassi, and Alessandra: when we first saw the plaintiff on the track, we did not excited so much, with the understanding, however, that there was definitely material on which to work. And in fact, it started with the second show to understand that Low is a diesel and that also in this edition, the Tripoli is later and wants to win. Could replicate last year's victory, with Cesare Bocci? It would seem so. Ettore like the jury and like to the public. In particular, after seeing him first with his brothers and then with his worship the three daughters, the public loose even more; but back to the dance. Certainly Hector will be one of the best competitors of this edition, but all editions of Dancing. Will have discovered a technique remarkable. Only one flaw, when it comes down the track without its Alessandra lose that light in his eyes when he is with her. VOTE 10

Nunzia and Raimondo: in all honesty we have not found in Nunzia the great talent of which Todaro continues to speak. But there is one thing we must say: it has shined a little also because this year, Raimondo was particularly off. He thought more to the controversy at rest and in the first few episodes, it was a totally different person. And, you know, in recent years, its dancers have made steps in the program only because he is beloved by the house, and it is also the case of Nunzia. But it must be said that the female competition this year was very low, and among women, after Milena, who is on another level, the former policy was definitely the best. Little flesh but very little. VOTE 7

Lasse and Sara: seeing them for the first time on the track we would shoot that would last very very little and here's the miracle. Lasse has become a mine in the loose, it is loose both on and off the dance floor. It was fun and we had fun but above all she danced. Despite his size, despite his physical shape he gave to Sara, who knew how to handle it, the performances are spectacular. A revelation, and for us, we have to admit, a bests winner. The public vote tonight will be decisive also in the challenges and we do not exclude that there may be a dramatic reversals. VOTE 9

Angel and Anastasia: a beautiful couple that has really been able to do the best in their potential. For the first time, the teacher was a mature man, not a handsome cover and had to really demonstrate its skill ( although there was never any doubt that it was very good). Angel has the rhythm in the blood from its not have the physique of Oswald, this is clear. And it is perhaps the only flaw is that it will force him to remain in a lower step of the podium because of the hypocrisy, admit that this will make all the difference. Angel may not be beautiful, but to dance! VOTE 8,5

Dani and Veera: in our humble opinion, the pair most overrated of this edition. The feeling is that Dani, like all the south american music has in the blood with so much movement of the pelvis. But what has given more if not for the energy and sensuality? Very little. Certain tastes are, and if the jury has voted in favor of the ex-player there will be a reason. Veera clearly wonderful as always and not, perhaps, recall this edition as the most simple for you, indeed. However, little flab on the track, at least the one that arrived at the home. Compare Dani to Ettore Bassi, as happens in over a month and a half of Dancing, there really seems to be heresy. Grade 8

We don't want to give a first, a second and a third place, but we, on the podium, the ideal we would, Ettore Bassi, Lasse Matberg and Milena Vukotic. We will discover instead tonight how it will end. Good luck to all!

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