Dancing with the Stars 2019: the final rankings and all the special prizes


Published on Jun 01, 2019


Dancing with the Stars 2019 ended with the unexpected victory of the couple formed by Lasse Matberg and from her teacher, Sara Di Vaira. A victory impronosticabile to the blond “viking” but a lot of waiting by the professional dancer for more than 10 years touches the gold medal. But if they have conquered the highest step of the classification, as you have placed all the other finalists? We find out the placings of Angelo Russo, Nunzia De Girolamo, Ettore Bassi, Dani Osvaldo and Milena Vukotic.

After the first of the three heats, the juries and the televoting put in direct defiance Angelo Russo, Nunzia De Girolamo, and Ettore Bassi. From this confrontation emerges victorious, Ettore Bassi; in fact, the other two pairs are classified to the sixth place (Angelo Russo and Anastasia Kuzmina) and fifth place (Nunzia De Girolamo and Raimondo Todaro).

The four vip remained in the race compete in two different head-to-head: the competitors who come out defeated by these two parallel encounters are elected both on the third place. And we're talking about of the actress Milena Vukotic and the former footballer Dani Osvaldo.

In the marathon final wins Lasse Matberg, therefore, Ettore Bassi is in second place. But in addition to the ranking, in the course of the finals of Dancing with the Stars 2019 have been assigned additional special prizes.

The Jury Prize for the best performance at their discretion went to Milena Vukotic and Simone Di Pasquale.

The Premio Paolo Rossi for this exhibition, the most exciting – decreed by Alberto Matano – went to Ettore Bassi and Alessandra Tripoli.

The Prize Aiello for the most number of playoffs wins and the losers went to Marzia Roncacci, and Samuel Peron.

The Prize Dancing with You for the best drive of the dance is voted on by the jury and the social network among those selected among those Dancing on the Road is gone to the crew Flash Kidz (from Arezzo).

Many cups, plaques and medals were awarded, but an – unexpected – has been the most important for the lady of the house: Dancing with the Stars has been confirmed for the tv season 2019 – 2020 and in the cast were promised new masters.

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