Dancing with the Stars 2019: the clash live between Stefano Oradei and Veera Kinnunen


Published on May 25, 2019


Even on Dancing with the Stars 2019 erupted a controversy gossip theme sentimental. In the week he had already spoken to a few sites online: the fidanzatissimi Veera Kinnunen and Stefano Oradei they would have ended up in the vortex of jealousy because of the attention (badly interpreted) that the competitor vip Dani Osvaldo has for his teacher. The two professionals would have had more of a brawl and one of these would have been caught by a paparazzo at the exit of a restaurant.

The jealousy of the master Stefano Oradei towards his companion Veera Kinnunen is dragged in the backstage of the transmission: the dancer would have to take a plane to fly in Argentina with Dani Osvaldo to record the intro clip to their choreography weekly. Stefano Oradei it would be the opposite in a very heavy production of Dancing with the Stars...

The topic has bounced around on many websites and it was inevitable that Milly Carlucci tried to undermine and quell the matter: “it is Not a thing that was born in treason, they knew that we would have talked about it. [...] He has spoken of a furious quarrel jealousy, you have seen photos of a fight in the street. So... here We make dance, not a gymnastic exercise, the couple dance, done well, becomes like a piece of film, when it's nice you create empathy... I don't want that on Veera the remains of the label that has done who knows what! A girl serious, a great professional. Has only done its job”.

Stefano Oradei try to make his public apology but Milly Carlucci rebukes the master, bringing to the attention of his commitment with the program: “These are your moments of fragility are begun immediately, from the beginning of the year and is not acceptable. There is a production! I was wondering how it was possible that Veera is spogliasse of everything that happened and get it down the track as if nothing had happened. Your behavior has lasted weeks and weeks! In 35 years this fragility, you must be able to manage. Species in the environment of the show. [...] You have to grow up, Stephen!”.

Stefano Oradei resumes the ball on the bounce to apologize publicly. The excuses are accept by his girlfriend – which has been together for 11 years! – even if with a little bitterness: “I Accept the apology. You are a brave man to do so in front of everyone, but I was very upset that you put in doubt my professionalism.“

The scene ends with Milly Carlucci, still visibly agitated, which confirms the gossip that he wanted Oradei had prevented Veera Kinnunen to go to Argentina for the aforementioned clip with Dani Osvaldo. Threatening the transmission to drop everything if the production had not heard.

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