Dancing with the Stars 2019: Sexy but woody? Here is the first deleted


Published on Apr 07, 2019


After the first bet the rose water, the race between the vip Dancing with the Stars 2019 came alive with the first solemn purging. In this event, 6 April, talent show, Milly Carlucci has seen a reshuffle all the cards back on the table: the competitors started with the malus of -10 points on ranking (the viking Lasse and actor Enrico Lo Verses) were redeemed and are not finished at the spareggione final.

To remain under the light of the tapers, however, we have seen the journalist TG2 Marzia Roncacci (paired with Samuel Peron) and the duo of the Twins Sampaio(Kevin and Jonathan teamed with Lucrezia Lando). But only one of these two teams has had to leave the competition...

As already mentioned the play-off final, head-to-head final, with the journalist Marzia Roncacci against models Kevin and Jonathan Sampaio. Both performances were not particularly brilliant.

Closed off and relied on the “matte”, as he calls it Milly Carlucci, the “counter” has started to turn... up to reveal the percentages of televoting: with 55% of the preferences to be saved was the journalist; and therefore, by the law of retaliation, to leave the track on Dancing with the Stars 2019 were Twins Sampaio (with 45% of the preferences).

Among the highlights of this second episode, we cannot not mention the incredible coup scored by Milena Vukotic: the actress has conquered all with its choreography homage to the myth of the Night; convincing to the point that the ottantatreenne has managed to conquer the Treasure Social. Even Milly Carlucci commented on the news visibly astonished: “And to think that until last week Milena did not even have the social“.

Among the many exhibitions the TOP of this second installment we point out the passionate performance of the actor Ettore Bassi with his mistress Alessandra Tripoli and the excellent return of former player Dani Osvaldo with Veera Kinnunen. Performances FLOP, however, were those of Antonio Rockets and Nunzia De Girolamo: both former politicians have finished in the last positions of the ranking of the judges in the study.

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