Dancing with the Stars 2019: revealed, the six vip finalists, that's who they are


Published on May 26, 2019


After a double semi-final aired on the 24th and 25th of may, Dancing with the Stars 2019 has finally chosen the six couples selected as finalists, and the two couples who unfortunately have had to abandon the race to a passage from the epilogue.

Let's go together to review what happened in the appointment of the 25th of may and what are the lucky couples who will compete for the title of champions of this new edition of the program hosted by Milly Carlucci.

The second semi-final on the may 25 Dancing with the Stars 2019 was, indeed, a wealth of evidence and surprises. In addition to the classic heats where all the couples have danced to a new rhythm, the vips were the protagonists of the annual surprise for family and companions, who – unbeknownst to them – come on stage to dance with them.

Angelo Russo has danced with the daughter. Lasse with his younger brother. Milena Vukotic has riabbracciato her husband. Nunzia De Girolamo has found in tv her father. Ettore Bassi is given to c*zzeggio with his two younger brothers. Dani Osvaldo has met her mother and Enrico Lo Verso has danced with his partner of life. Absent Sister Cristina, who was the first eliminated of the evening, in a playoff with the actor in The Verse.

Guests of the evening were Flavio Insinna, Nino Frassica and the former contestant of Dancing with the Stars Nathalie Guetta, who danced a choreography of the group. The other guest was the mistress of the casa de La Prova del Cuoco, Elisa Isoardi, who has made drag by Samuel Peron in a choreography to the rhythm of Charleston.

Milly Carlucci has attempted as usual to get your guests to compete in the next season of the talent. But of the four only Elisa Isoardi said she was intrigued by this idea.

You can complete all the heats updated the ranking technique with the various tesoretti, it was the turn of the cones of light: here we discovered the two new couples at risk of elimination. To get under the judgment of the televoting from the house were Dani Osvaldo with Veera Kinnunen and Enrico Lo Verso with Samanta Togni. And it was just the actor having to leave the program titles on the tail.

Therefore, the finalists of Dancing with the Stars 2019 are Angelo Russo, Lasse Matberg, Milena Vukotic, Nunzia De Girolamo, Ettore Bassi, and Dani Osvaldo.

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