Dancing with the Stars 2019: Milly Carlucci is moved in remember Sandro Mayer (VIDEO)


Published on Mar 31, 2019


As already anticipated in recent days, the episode's debut of Dancing with the Stars 2019 has given us the opportunity to Milly Carlucci and all of the working group of the transmission to greet Sandro Mayer: the former direct of the weekly Ofmore disappeared in 2018. The presenter has taken advantage of the space of the preview to extend its greetings to the family of the journalist.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the house, to all of you! We are about to begin to dance. We are going to begin with the great feast of Dancing with the Stars and I promise you that it will be a really big party full of joy, full of so many surprises and so many emotions. And here we meet our family, the great family of the dance”: with these words, Milly Carlucci introduces the time.

Then it continues: “that's it. Having to start a family celebration, we unfortunately have to look at the chairs that unfortunately this year they remain empty...” – after a brief moment of emotion, “Because this year we have with us a person who has accompanied us for so many years and with whom we shared a really big part of our road. I'm talking about Sandro Mayer, our legendary commentator on the sidelines”.

Hello Sandro hello Bibi #BallandoConLeStelle @Ballando_Rai

— Milly Carlucci (@milly_carlucci) March 30, 2019

“I would like to dedicate a salute to his family, to his wife, and Daniela and her daughter Isabella, and to the director Osvaldo Orlandini he collected his important legacy... We have, ideally, this year we will take the role of a commentator on the sidelines“.

The presenter is moved a second time, “excuse me, but certain things strike me in moments where they should“.

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