Dancing with the Stars 2019: a playoff between the actors, the novelty is in the televoting!


Published on May 12, 2019


Continue with the twists on Dancing with the Stars 2019: the talent show vip show hosted by Milly Carlucci, who in the episode broadcast on 11 may, is divided between altogether, tombstones, special tests, and the traditional race. A mix that at the end of the evening she sent to the final ballot two pairs, three of which are coming from those who have tried everything to fit in the team of the owners.

But first of all, the transmission opened with a play-off between Dani Osvaldo and Marzia Roncacci: despite the good performance, the journalist has had to succumb before the ex-footballer (and about 90% of the preferences of the public from the house). Not bad for a vip Samuel Peron, which met immediately in the relay race of the repechage together with Manuela Arcuri, Enrico Lo Verso, Antonio Rockets, the twins Sampaio and Marco Leonardi.

The six ripescandi competed with each other in direct duels, pair against pair. The losers from these meetings have been permanently deleted from Dancing with the Stars in 2019 and will no longer attempt to re-enter the game. Who are we talking about? Let's talk about Antonio Rockets, Marco Leonardi, and – surprise – Marzia Roncacci, beaten by the twins.

On the contrary, Manuela Arcuri, Enrico Lo Verso and Sampaio brother still have a hope to return competitors in the program...

The race tradition of the vip is not of course stop due to the heat of the repechage. Also this week, all the competitors have performed with a new choreography as voted by the judges in the studio and televoting. To sparigliare cards, also this week, were the various tesoretti.

In the ranking technique final (tesoretti included) we saw in the first positions Lasse Matberg (82 points), Milena Vukotic (74 points) and Dani Osvalto (68 points). Tail, Ettore Bassi, and Sister Cristina, both of which are about 20 points of detachment from the intermediate positions.

The cones have not left escape to the couple, Ettore Bassi – Alessandra Tripoli, the last according to the unknown final classification. And he is the one to open the final ballot: the actor had to choose the challenger among the three ripescandi left (Arcuri, The To and Sampaio).

The man chooses Manuela Arcuri by sending automatically, in a direct challenge Enrico Lo Verso, with Jonathan and Kevin Sampaio. This duel is broken by the actor. The verdict between Arcuri and Low, instead, we'll find out in the next episode aired, exceptionally, on Friday 24 may.

For the first time in the history of the program (and perhaps also of the talent show italiani), the televoting will be open for two weeks and the public will be able to decide who to eliminate between the two actors remained pending. Manuela Arcuri or Ettore Bassi: who will return officially in the race?

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