Dancing with the stars 2018 seventh bet: between altogether and relay 3 pairs deleted


Published on Apr 22, 2018


Report of the seventh episode of Dancing with the stars 2018. What happened in the race on the 21st of April 2018? Really of all: there was the playoff for the initial Minghi and Akash starring; then a long race; the relay for the couple who took part in the race and still in the playoff final. In short, a long evening on rai 1 in the company of Milly Carlucci, Paolo Belli with his wonderful band and of the jury.

Among the things that have happened in this seventh episode of Dancing with the stars 2018 is also the presence of Terence Hill in the role of a dancer for a night, a rare case of a guest who is not a dance step but it remains completely motionless on a chair. In its place, in fact, has danced the fine actress Veronica Bitto, co protagonist of the film at the cinema which Terence is also the director.

The episode opens with the cast that we brought from the sixth episode. Descend then to the track, Akash and Amedeo Mighi and the audience at home to decide who will remain in the game. You then save Akash thanks. The challenge goes ahead and starts the race.

It was an evening of highs and lows at the end of which the best stand out Raimondo Todaro and John Ciacci, who have amazed us with their choreography. And among the best there are also Massimiliano Morra and Giaro Giarratana that receive a lot of compliments on the part of the jury for the work done in the week. But apparently not enough. Although the two occupy the first places in the ranking, the public save Nathaliie Guetta, who had raised a few points and the last position in the ranking. It is really amazing how at risk of elimination there is Giaro, one of the best on the track of Dancing. The will of the public is not up for discussion.

Giaro and Massimiliano expect to know the name of the third couple that will go to the playoff with them.

It will be the cup winning relay always chosen from the audience at home. Do not choose the televoting but with the little hearts. Then passes the Ich.

It drops back on track for the play-off final. Dancing Maximilian, Giaro and Christina. Fortunately, the audience at home, this time, save the only person that really deserved to go out seen all the way in the race, Giaro they can return to smile because we will still be part of the show!

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