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Published on Apr 18, 2019


After the volume is published in 2018, titled the Nightmares of italy, in which there were some dampyrian stories set in Italy, Sergio Bonelli Editore decided to add a new anthology focused entirely on the adventures of our Beautiful Country.

New Italian Gothic is a volume of Dampyr that collects surely some of the creative efforts the most important made for the series. The stories that are at the heart of this collection were published between 2004 and 2013, and combine History, Literature and mythology dampyriana in a strong.

The more effort documentary and creative is certainly the one made for The Curse of Varney, and The Mysteries of Naples. At the center of this single narrative is the vampire Varney, born as a Penny Dreadful in the victorian era, and the inspiration of the famous Count Dracula. But, in turn, Varney owes something to the story of John Polidori, 1819, was born during the stay of the doctor in Geneva, together with the writer Lord Byron, and to the spouses Shelley. Will be in this context that will also the seminal masterpiece Frankenstein (by Mary Shelley).

The Curse of Varney is the story of the stay in switzerland of Polidori and his companions, and how the presence of the vampire, Varney was hardly the fruit of imagination. Everything is met with a trip of Lord Byron and of the same Varney in Naples, the city where Harlan and Kurjak, led by the cicerionano Don Raffaele, will have to shed light on the real existence of the vampire that has inspired so much literature.

The two stories that milan are The Crown of Iron, and The Demon of Lost Things, both forming part of the same narrative, in which the tarot will serve as a guide to reconstruct the path of the iron Crown, the precious object that was used until the Nineteenth century for the coronation of the King of Italy (and that is said to have been forged using the iron to one of the nails of the cross of Jesus). The disappearance of the Crown is linked to the events that are rooted deep in the history of Milan, and that will lead Harlan to face the most dangerous of the demons.

The last story instead, shows Dampyr in Naples, and put you at the centre of the history of the family, the Ayala, and the young Silvia, haunted by a woman who lives through the centuries, bent by the will of a powerful Master of the Night.

In other words, stories inside the New Gothic Italian there are so many, and the quality of the historical reconstruction, interwoven to the events of the narrative, is remarkable. What, however, does suffer from a lot of the smoothness of the volume is the heaviness of the dialogues used by Mauro Boselli in his four stories to tell about many historical events, making them well-cast off with the situations faced by Dampyr. But the type of consistency of the balloon is likely to lose on several occasions, the pace of the narrative that, of the base, he plots truly remarkable (especially the mini-narrative that tells the story of Varney the Vampire it deserves the attention of all lovers of literature horror).

The last story, entitled The Nun, is made by Claudio Falco, which gives more breath and rhythm to the narrative, building history, and exalting a Naples gothic, which also suggests some atmosphere to Dario Argento.

Noteworthy are the designs of all the stories in the volume: while Stefano Andreucci enhances the environments in gothic comic book about Varney, Majo for the story set in Milan, use the backgrounds that they can draw a city from the ancient taste. Last but not least Nicola Genzianello The Nun presents a Naples rarefied, barely palpable, capable of being lost in the darkness of its narrow streets and its mysteries, Harlan Draka will be called on to resolve.

In short, the New Italian Gothic is a volume value, which presents stories from the plots intriguing, and significant at the level of a documentary filmmaker. The only note is the heaviness of the dialogues that he puts sometimes in difficulty to the player, losing the rhythm of the narrative.

But, part of the best essence of Dampyr is breathable within this volume that is entirely dedicated to the mysteries of our Beautiful Country.

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