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Published on Nov 19, 2018


What would you think if on the occasion of the Lucca Comics & Games out of a special volume of a newspaper with a story set right here in Lucca? Many would think such an operation is mainly commercial, such a simple tribute to the tuscan city, with a story that says little or nothing. Instead, as is the tradition of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, The Saint Came from Ireland, is a volume that puts in evidence all the solidity artistic, and a creative vision far-sighted on the part of the publisher of via Buonarroti.

In the style of Dampyr, the story tries to delve into the past, bringing to light a character that is dear to lucca, such as San Frediano, who in the comic is quoted with his name of origin: Finnian. The story is that of the future saint, who during the Sixth century.C., he will depart from Ireland, to the side of the magical and powerful Taliesin, to stop the goddess of Death, Vanth, which he first introduced his people, and then went to the conquest of Lucca.

The old story of Finnian, he met with an adventure lucchese recent Dampyr, which will fight against the powerful Sho-Uan, who arrived in Lucca to avenge the same Vanth.

The story alternates many artists, not only in comic book artists, but also to all the illustrators of a very high capacity, which all together have produced a history of Dampyr, which respects the canonical dictates of the character.

The script by Mauro Boselli does not neglect anything in the cloth a typical dampyriano, and manages to give the ambience of lucca, a justification of all that makes sense, that goes beyond a simple homage to the city in occasion of the Lucca Comics. Indeed, the idea seems to be that to take advantage of the biggest Italian fair dedicated to comics to launch a volume capable of imposing to the attention of the whole of the publishing industry, national and international the quality of the products bonelli.

The designers will alternate on the pages of The Saint Came from Ireland, are: Michele Rubini, Nicola Genzianella, Michele Cropera and Majo. The most surprising aspect is that each of these designers is able to not betray himself, a character in the book, but at the same time participating in the creation of a compact style, which makes it look like the comics produced in practically a single hand.

The colors Romina Denti and Giovanna Niro are able to give a further compactness to the various drawing styles present in the volume, but also to give a history of Dampyr, a freshness and a vitality that will make it almost seem like a Marvel comic book (clearly in the fantasy genre helps a lot under this point of view).

Deserve a chapter of illustrations made by: Lucio Parrillo, Ivan Cavini, Paolo Barbieri, Albert By the Lake, Edvige Faini, Luca Zontini, Antonio De Luca, Angelo Montanini, and Dany Orizio. Lovers of fantasy will adore these illustrations to such a point that they wish the reproductions in the format of poster you can display at home. The attention to detail, attention to every nuance in the colouring and in the hatching of the bodies and of the environments, the imagination present in these illustrations evokes the drawings that accompany the works and the classics of the fantastic as Conan the Barbarian and Dungeons and Dragons.

The volume is enriched by extensive forewords and afterwords, and biographies of the artists, and an interview of Giorgio Giusfredi to the director of Lucca Comics & Games Emanuele Vietina. Just Giusfredi it is also, as editor of the volume, which being in lucca has definitely been able to coordinate in detail all the various stages which have served to define in the best way possible in the context of the setting of the story. Giorgio Giusfredi is proving to be one of the most personality to which he has been consigned to the “craft” of Bonelli's, and that will have the task of carrying forward this great tradition, giving it freshness and creative strength in a new phase of transition towards the future.

And not surprisingly, the cover designed by NO CURVES is a true work of contemporary art has also become a installation during the last Lucca Comics & Games.

In short, if you want a single volume to understand what it can do to the Sergio Bonelli Editore, The Holy ghost Came from Ireland is perhaps the best work able to prove it.

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