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Published on Nov 02, 2017


A struggle for the possession of the territory, a third wheel was used as a pawn to benefit one of the two contenders. It may seem like the plot of the third season of Gomorrah, this is actually the plot of the special Dampyr number 13 entitled the Land of The Eagles.

Like it is in the stylistic elements of this series, the Land of The Eagles is a cross between historical events really happened, mythology, and fantasy-horror. The facts of life of George Kastrioti Skanderbeg, a hero and a patriot from albania in the XV° century and stopped the advance of the Ottomans from Albania to Europe, are superimposed to those of the Master of the Night, Vrana.

Vrana is a vampire in search of peace, in the process of retiring. The attempt of the ottoman invasion in Europe should be his last battle. But something will push Vrana to defer his retirement until our days. Another Master of the Night, Horvat, is plotting to take possession of that portion of the territory of the balkan, a bridge between East and West, and important junction between Europe and other Countries, in which, While he still lives.

This contention will be also involved our Dampyr. As well as in the best stories of the feud, some of the characters will be manipulated (or try to do so) in an attempt to benefit one or the other faction. And Harlan Draka and his companions, Tesla and Kurjak will find themselves in the middle of a clash between the Masters of the Night, inside of which our Dampyr will tip the balance.

The special Dampyr number 13 takes advantage of an overlap of time lines, that of the fifteenth century, during the ottoman invasion in Albania, and that of our days, to create a story that has a narrative rhythm definitely sliding, much more than the average of the albums of Dampyr.

The lyrics of Claudio Falco does not betray a plot mystery that digs deep within an ancient history of six hundred years, overlapping it to our timeline, revealing a little at a time that the dark past, that will be the basis to resolve the storyline in the present.

And if the cover of Enea Riboldi is a splendid homage to the classic painting of Caspar David Friedrich's The Wanderer over the Sea of Fog, the designs of Fabrizio Russo turn out to be fresh, from the soft stroke, and can give movement to the page during the many action scenes. Yes, because of the action, fighting and shedding blood in the Land of The Eagles there are a lot. The fights historical and fights fantastic between the vampires meet in a game between the past and the present that works, has fun, and gives excellent pages of action-fantasy. And then the contexts from castles lost in the mountains, fights historical and fights the boundary between the fantastic and horror always work on this series.

Dampyr is a guarantee, a mash-up of crossings historical-mystery with lots of adventure and horror in the middle. The special the Land of The Eagles back to give prominence to the context of the origin of the stories of Harlan Draka: the East Europe, and the many historical events and mythical that characterize it. In short, a register dampyriano more classic so you can not find it.


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