Dampyr n° 208: Cambodia – Review

Published on Jul 06, 2017

In this July heat, the Dampyr is not there leave some to dry mouth! After the full-bodied Maxi Dampyr, in fact, comes in the newsstands the number 208 of the regular series, Cambodia.

Cambodia goes to conclude the adventurous journey of Harlan, Kurjak and Tesla in South East asia, which began last month with The temple in the Jungle, which saw our heroes contend not only with a new Master of the Night, but also with the ghosts and the horrors of one of the greatest acts of genocide in Human history, perpetrated by Pol Pot and his Khmer rouge to the detriment of the Cambodian people.

Written by Giovanni Eccher, designed by Luca Raimondo, and with the usual and the beautiful cover of Enea Riboldi, the story of Cambodia is a continuous succession of excellent you can find. In the first part, we will see our on the trail of the mysterious Master, who at the time of the dictatorship, it was called Brother number 7 and he held the role of senior officer in the armies of Pol Pot, but that we will then know to have been identified in the past, with none other than the god Garuda, a name that continues to use referring to himself. The servants of Garuda seem to be everywhere, know everything and know how to manipulate a duty to the people! In the second part of the story, much more pounding and cutting action“, the Dampyr and his companions to abandon Cambodia to fly up to Bangkok, trying to flush out the Master with a plan, risky to the limits of unconsciousness.

I really liked this episode of Dampyr, like its predecessor, because it shows clearly that they are not only to fear the Masters of the Night " or some other supernatural horror, many times the Evil is incarnated in mere human beings, capable of things so terrible to overwhelm even the most perverse plan of some powerful vampire. Story and drawings, neither do they spin smooth from the first page to the last, fitting perfectly into the rhythm of the story, the more investigative before and more explosive in the final spectacular battle in the sky between Garuda in the form of a Bird-Man, and Harlan & Co on board of a helicopter Huey in the army!).

Now, we just have to wait for the next month, when the Dampyr will meet for the first time the Investigator of nightmares! And if still you have not done so, please also read the ninth Maxi Dampyr, released last week.

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