Dampyr: first synopsis and writers involved


Published on Mar 20, 2019


Are the past few months, from Lucca Comics & Games 2018, where Sergio Bonelli Editore, among the many big innovations, has announced the live action of the Dampyr. The product from the Publisher Sergio Bonelli, Brandon, Box, and distributed by Eagle Pictures, the film already has a release date, that is 23 January 2020.

The milanese publishing house, since then, has not released new details. However, we can see it on the website of Filmitalia, which were leaked the names of the authors who are working on the script: Mauro Boselli, Giovanni Masi, Michele Masiero, Alberto Ostini, John Mattioli and Antonio Navarra.

Here you can find a draft of the film's plot:

Are the years ’90 and a cruel war is in progress in the Balkans. The soldiers, led by Kurjak have the task of keeping the station in the village of Yorvolak, but are slaughtered by mysterious assassins with supernatural blood-thirsty. Is called in to help Harlan Draka, a con artist who turns to the villages practicing fake exorcisms and pretending to be a Dampyr, a slayer of vampires. Soon Harlan, he or she will be really a Dampyr, as the son of a human and a Maestro of the Night. And, with the help of Kurjak and a vampire, a rebel, take on a violent battle to defeat the forces of Evil.

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Dampyr: first synopsis and screenwriters involved is




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