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Published on Dec 13, 2019


Close to the Christmas holidays also comes a nice hidden truth that digs deep into the legends of this tradition, proposing as the characters to face at the Harlan Draka, the terrible Krampus.

The story is set in Alto Adige, in a village where every night of Christmas, the demonic servants of St. Nicholas invade the features snowy areas in the north of Italy. Sophie Mutter at the University of Freiburg and her boyfriend sardo, Angelo Sanna, investigating the folklore of south tyrol. This seeking to understand is whether the stories about the Krampus may be related to the masked men, or monsters.

Between legend and reality, the shadow of an old enemy of Harlan Draka extends still the beautiful Country, and only his intervention will fail to fight the creatures ready to wreak havoc on the villages in south Tyrol.

Krampus! it is one of those books that reveals all the potential, and the essence of the stories of the Dampyr. The character, created by Mauro Boselli and Maurizio Colombo dig often internal to the traditions and mythologies of the world, and the various authors are always great ideas to create stories that mix the genre with the Story. And Krampus! dig in the tradition of the myths of the christmas season.

The idea of the story is very interesting, and is well-developed in the first part of the narrative. Unfortunately, the pace can not take off, considering that the screenplay by Claudio Falco toil a bit to find a balance between what is part of the story, mythological and legendary, and the real action.

It remains the merit of having created beautiful sceneries, representing the best of the villages in south Tyrol. The idea to enter the Krampus, the masters of the Night, San Nicola and Dampyr in the same cauldron is definitely something intriguing.


To enhance the register there are the designs of Fabrizio Longo, who uses light and shade effects, emphasising the colour black. The atmosphere created by the designer are perfect for the scenes more dark, while they can not do the same effect for the scenarios most newspapers and solar.

It is a story that enjoyable, but that, if he had found his balance between the mythological story and history of action, proved to be one of albi's best Dampyr of ultmi times.

Krampus! marks, however, the return of the series to the mythological stories in italy. In recent times, Harlan Draka has ventured often outside of Italy, and was also the protagonist of a long series that had more to do with pure fantasy, with the History and mythology.

In a period like this, where the christmas atmosphere is able to give further strength to our creative works, it was right that Sergio Bonelli Editore propose a history dampyriana that recalled the myths and legends of this holiday.

In Short, Krampus! it is a book of great potential, has not expressed at the highest quality. However, it is a read-intriguing, especially for fans of Christmas and horror. And in this case, creatures like the Krampus are the right combination between the two elements. And Harlan Draka among them is the sealing.

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