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Published on Nov 05, 2019


The return on the screenplay of Giorgio Giusfredi reports Dampyr in an atmosphere fully of horror, with a new appeals film. Because The friend deadly is a story that refers in full to the cult movie of Dario Argento's Suspiria.

The setting within a dance school of germany, the presence of a witch at the head of the structure, and a young protagonist (in this case, two) can't call to mind the masterpiece of Dario Argento.

But The friend deadly also takes a road of its own. The story feeds on continuous flashbacks that tell the story of the friendship between Ann Jurgin and Marlene Berger. The escape of Ann school of dance was supported by Marlene, whose fate has been very different, and has confined it within the walls of the structure. Now, Ann has returned to Nuremberg, together with Harlan, and will have to face his past, and everything that followed from it.

Giorgio Giusfredi pulls out a story reduced to a mere copy, but that can take a life of their own, acquiring a certain thickness of the narrative. The atmosphere of The friend's mortal are totally horror, but the feeling that Ann has for the friend Marlene makes this story something more than a simple horror.

Giusfredi leads readers dampyriani inside of a spiral of dreams, memories, and tragic reality, creating a melancholic story that has a bit of the flavor of the comics of Dylan Dog (who you can see sooner or later the author lucca on the pages of the Investigator of the Nightmare?). And this is the strong point de Friend to the death.

The value of this register is the one to have brought the stories of Dampyr, in a dimension that is unusual, making the stories even something narratively and emotionally more relevant.

There is literature in this album, and there is a thick narrative. Elements that have helped and enhanced the designs of Alessio Fortunato, who has achieved a test of artistic level. You could find a designer best for a story able to take a lot of atmosphere. The light and shade of the Lucky highlight a spooky environment and a melancholic story.

The strong point of the series of Dampyr is to be able to range from one genre to another: from horror, to thriller, to fantasy. But in this panel, of Giusfredi, and Lucky is also known throughout the thickness of the literary characters of the series. And, surely, after this tasting, some of the stories of the kind they want more and more.

This is also a particular time for Dampry. Recently they have announced the cast that will give life to the first film dedicated to Harlan Draka, and readers dampyriani are not in the skin.

The idea of being able to see the adventures of Dampyr, even on the big screen is the culmination of a path, which led to a series of niche of Sergio Bonelli Editore to live a longevity that only great series of the house on Via Buonarroti may have.

In short, stories of Dampyr, there are still many, and readers dampyriani will be accompanied in the future by adaptations of various kinds dedicated to the character. And this, from fans dampyriani, can't do nothing more than to make us happy.

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