Dampyr 235 – The King in Yellow | Review


Published on Oct 09, 2019


It concludes the saga of the Great of Old, and the struggle of Dampyr to save Kurjak, divided in half between the forces of good and evil.

Mauro Boselli and Luca Rossi in this album bring readers inside the mystical city of Carcosa, putting once and for all Harlan in comparison with the demons of the multiverse, which they took from their hand, one of his shoulders the most important. For this reason, in support of the Dampyr, it's also the father Draka. The battle will be involved also the writer Ambrose Bierce, a character that really existed, considered the first author to tell the city of Carcosa. Bierce, disappearing from Mexico, he will be at the service of the King in Yellow.

Mauro Boselli has made a long saga that has involved a lot of demons, and characters, carrying Dampyr and his companions, through dimensions and in different places.

Was not easy to combine so many events and characters, developing a narrative capable of not to confuse the reader, keeping high the attention and the curiosity. The same Mauro Boselli (we interviewed him during The Streets of the Landscape) has defined this type of stories “cross and delight of the readers and the writers”. And in fact it is not easy to follow the path of this narrative, recalling all of the details and situations.

The saga dedicated to the Great Old led in pure fantasy, offering once again Dampyr compare it with a genre in which the character is made multiple times.

Surely, it will be useful for all fans dampyriani reread all the books now that the saga is complete, so as to be able to better understand all plain narrative of a story that would need a “binge reading” to be better appreciated.

So, although it was not a narrative cycle that is easy to follow (especially considering that the monthly frequency of the roll allowed the readers riapprocciarsi the history of the Great antiques at the distance of several weeks), the narration of Boselli is developed in a fluid manner, they try to characterize as much as possible with the characters and the main events to follow.

Although it was not easy to give space to every character, even some of the secondary figures are able to concentrate and stay imprinted, like the young Dandy, well-definitia also on a visual level.

And, about the graphics, the designs of Luca Rossi proved to be ideal for this type of story, adhering to a style evocative and full of details to the many pictures and the fantastic places there.

Despite the saga has ended, the doors of the Multiverse will always be open for Harlan and his companions, and some of the demons encountered may still arise on the Earth (between these Nyarlathotep is the one that is seen more often in the adventures dampyrian).

After a bellyful of fantasy as challenging as this, Dampyr will return to horror with The Friend of the mortal, story packaged by the duo formed by the writer Giorgio Giusfredi and the illustrator Alessio Fortunato.

And this is one of the great strengths of the series, capable of monotony in the genre, and to adapt to the needs of the readers, which between horror, fantasy, noir, thriller, fail to see declined the adventures of Harlan Draka in more and more sauces, without ever losing its true nature.


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