Dampyr 233 – The Great Old | Review


Published on Aug 14, 2019


Concludes the adventure dampyriana that led Harlan Draka and his companions to collide against the large ancient to defend Khandaria, and the multiverse.

The army led by Alastor is truly fearsome, and the Dampyr and his companions are not enough. For this reason, in The Great Old will come to their rescue even the father of Dampyr Draka.

Mauro Boselli has decided to focus decisively on the action for this register and final mixing the element of fantasy with the horror genre. In fact, the enemy Alastor has a decidedly dark, worthy of the great Bogeyman literary and cinematic.

And the effects of citations and references to mythology, literature and cinema there are many. Over all there is still the presence of Chtulhu, which, however, will not be the monster decisive for Harlan and his companions.

The characters charismatic and interesting, not a shortage of among the bad guys, that among the allies of the Dampyr. There is, for example, the Dandy, warrior of only one eye, which visually invokes the supereroine action of the Nineties.

The action flows unceasing in this album, the fast-paced, which closes in the way enjoyable the story open with The Company and Warrior.

The drawings by Maurizio Rosenzweig manages to give the atmosphere with a stretch of irregular, sharp lines, and gray tones capable of filling any empty space in the cartoons. Interesting and suggestive are also the splash page is used to exalt the mighty monsters ready to clash with the Dampyr and his companions.

This mini-narrative, however, was a succession of fantasy elements, pure. The whole tradition of the genre is given, through atmospheres, and references to Orlando Furioso, to get to the classic the fellowship of The Ring.

Because the title of the last register, The Company and Warrior, recalls the unity of the group and of the intent of the novel stream in tolkien's landscapes. The camaraderie of this narrative cycle is also present, and, above all, in the stories of Tolkien. Why are the warriors who fight for the defense of Khandaria have an army capable of calling for many elements, Frodo and the companions of the tolkieniana memory.

The tradition fantasy level stories and group fights part clearly with King Arthur, but the allies khandariani of Dampyr are far less epic, and a lot more fun and enjoyable.

In short, Mauro Boselli for this mini-cycle of narrative, that unites the books of The Company Warrior and The Great Old, has wanted to create a story with strong hints of the genre, but it can be enjoyable, and not too heavy.

The Great Ancient is in fact a book of pure action, with very few breaks, but indispensable to introduce moments and important characters, such as the father of Harlan Draka.

The strength of the stories of Dampyr is the versatility. In fact we are talking about a character who is able to make the spy to fantasy, to horror pure. And all of this without ever distorting the spirit of Harlan, but, on the contrary, enriching it with nuances.

The Great Ancient is, therefore, a register that is part of the fantasy genre of stories dampyrian, and that respects the canons and the spirit. The rest of the scriptwriter and curator of the cylinder head Mauro Boselli is also the creator of the character. So who better than him to be able to adapt and insert, Harlan Draka in any narrative context, can?!

And this is the strength of the Dampyr and his stories.


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