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Published on Jul 07, 2019


In the summer more and more hot back, as every month, Dampyr to distract all the fans dampyriani, setting in an atmosphere of fantastic and suggestive. And The Company Warrior is an adventure dampyriana that attracts lots of adventure and lots of fantasy.

Already the cover of Enea Riboldi highlights one Cthulhu in this story will be a villain dominant. The book is set in a land far away, in which the inhabitants of Khandaria were threatened by the tribe Vendias. In all this, a group of warriors stands as a protection of the people of Khandaria, but Rhaleya, lasa and Dandy will be confronted with the divinity powerful to threaten the entire Multiverse.

Therefore, they will be prosecuted Harlan and his companions, which, through the support of the knight Savnok, will be guided inside a world far away and totally awesome.

The Company Warrior is the album with more fantasy elements in the absolute that has ever been seen in the last few years on the Dampyr. Sure, the players will need to pay a bit of attention to be able to get by in the midst of so many new character and the situations imaginative, and in a few moments arrive to make the plot a little convoluted.

But the master Mauro Boselli (writer and curator of the series) took a bit of the fantastic tradition, present also in our medieval literature, and the period of humanism, in order to propose a history fantasy alternative. In The Company of the Warrior there will, in fact, in front of atmospheres nordic tolkieniane is reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings, but in situations gargantuan and bizarre characters.

In some points of the story seem to be in the Orlando Furioso, or in a novel of Francois Rabelais (creator indeed of the series Gargantua and Pantagruel). All this definitely creates a big variation on the theme with respect to the classical stories dampyrian. And despite you mentioning Chtulhu, the inspirations Lovecraftiane are well away from the heart of the story.

In short, The Company's Warrior is a book dampyriano that appeals to all those who love a fantasy a little less nordic, and at the same time will not satisfy those who would like to read a classic story of the Dampyr.

To contribute to create a certain variation on the theme are also the artwork by Maurizio Rosenzweig, which offers a style with a more raw and with a gray-scale rich. It is a drawing style definitely suited to represent characters and bizarre situations. But, at the same time, the touch of Rosenzweig is quite different from the classic albi dampyriani, and may not satisfy some readers more conservative.

The Company Warrior is not exhausted in only one album, and it promises to reserve the best of the action in the next issue. Dampyr and his companions will find themselves once again within this territory the remote, with the next warriors ' charismatic as Rhaleya, Asa and Dandy.

Also, the knight Savnok is the most bizarre of the group, capable of triggering the scenes the most fun of the story. And surely will be able to give its contribution also in the next register.

The Company Warrior is then a variant on the theme which can entertain many fans, and to convince other readers. But the contribution to the level of entertainment is also guaranteed for this month.

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