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Published on Jun 08, 2019


Continues and concludes the adventure in New Orleans, Dampyr and his companions. This time, however, the american city will not be the focus of the events, but the starting point to come to the head of the intrigue that has lasted for two albums.

Baron Samedi is in fact responsible for the disappearance of Carmen Duprez, but not Agrat, the sister of Eisheth, on which the tracks was also put Harlan Draka. At the centre of the story, there will be a work of H. P. Lovecraft, or “The research dream of the unknown Kadath“. It will be the novel the key to lead Dampyr where there is Agrat. But this time around there will not be a master of the Night, but a being even more powerful.

The atmosphere of the south of the United States suggested in the issue of the previous, set exclusively in New Orleans, are transformed into something different. While The Girls of Mahogany Hall had a strong atmosphere of crime, in The City of the Black Man returns to the fantasy, articulated in the key of horror.

The adventure of Harlan and Eisheth looking for Agrat will lead the protagonists inside a mysterious tower, guided by the cats, and with references to Lovecraft that are capable of contaminating a large part of the register.

Mauro Boselli takes a good narrative rhythm in The city of the Black Man, even if The Girls of Mahogany Hall was the most impressive. The old New Orleans, the brothels, the jazz, and a thick chain to the mysteries were definitely items hit the spot, and can entertain the reader. The transition to a fantasy atmosphere and scenery of the more rarefied are certainly suggestive elements, but that creates less effect with respect to the register preceding.

The fact is that this narrative arc that lasted two numbers is, however, rather interesting and has brought Dampyr to deal with many enemies: from the Masters of the Night, to the so-called Black Man.

There is also to mention the fact that it is a mini-narrative cycle high rate erotic. Considering that the center of the story there was a house of prostitution in New Orleans, eroticism could not be master of the situation. Fun, and see Harlan Draka, is usually refractory to the feelings and pleasures of the flesh, indulge in completely to the seductive Eisheth.

Also continuing the struggle of Kurjak with his tumor. In spite of Eisheth need to support it through its powers, it seems that in this case it will not be the magic to take effect on him, but there will be a need of more traditional methods of classic medicine.

The drawings of Nicholas Genzianella enhance the many scenes of action and the hustle and bustle of some of the boards. His tract nervous gives vivacity to the characters and the various situations. While the most striking scenes and dreamlike visions are enhanced by the real splash page that call once more the ability of the Ski to create movement.

Between references historical, literary, crime, horror and fantasy, this mini-narrative cycle of Dampyr it is concluded by presenting us with a character truly formidable, with which perhaps in the future, Harlan will return to confront. The city of the Black Man and The Girls of Mahogany Hall have been an introduction to one of the most fearsome enemies of Dampyr ever encountered in recent times.

A promise, in short, to exciting new adventures.

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