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Published on May 12, 2019


When Harlan back in the United States, there is always expect a great story. And The Girls of Mahogany Hall is one of those books that draws the dampyriani and not. The setting is one of those that just intrigue: New Orleans is a city rich of places, characters and situations which will feed into the hundreds of pages of stories. And this time, Mauro Boselli (writer and curator of the series) has decided to let us in in the middle of the first era of Jazz.

The protagonist of this story is the historic musician Jelly Roll Morton, one of the fathers of Jazz, often played in the brothels of Louisiana, accompanying with his music the prostitutes and customers. And the houses of prostitution are at the heart of this album dampyriano: Jim Fajella is helping his girlfriend (and police officer), Michelle, to find her sister, the disappearance in the lap of prostitution. All of them take you to New Orleans, where it seems that the historic brothel Mahogany Hall has been reopened, and where Dampyr is following in the footsteps of the vampire Baron Samedi.

It was from the time that you read a Dampyr, so noir. Harlan Draka finds himself dropped into a story with a central crimes, prostitutes, and surveys, the ideal cocktail for a hardboiled at the height of the tradition. The particular aspect of The Girls of Mahogany Hall, is that Harlan in this register acts as a character heavily dependent on Eisheth Zenumium, the absorbing of the brothel of New Orleans. She will ask him to kill the vampire that threatens his business, crossing the path of a Dampyr with that of Michelle and Jim Fajella.

The Harlan Draka that the law in this album is very dylandoghiano (never as in these pages you will be engaged in scenes of intercourse, one of which allows you to take a metaphysical journey in the past). Of the rest, in the midst of brothels and prostitutes, it is right that the nice Dampyr finds himself mixed up in the affairs of love.

Mauro Boselli handles well in the script, alternating between multiple plot lines that, at a certain point, they will come to intertwine. Perhaps some of the topical scenes could be developed in the most effective manner, but The Girls of Mahogany Hall is a comic that lives above all of atmospheres.

In fact, the scenes that are most effect are those in which the protagonists are the prostitutes of New Orleans, and the fantastic Jelly Roll Morton, represented in a version dampyriana really suggestive.

At the height of the task proved to be Nicola Genzianella, designer, expert, and very suitable for the stories of the atmosphere. His touch made hatches and great realism combined with the setting us to recall the stretch of R. M. Guéra, designer of the famous series Scalped, written by Jason Aaron.

This new book of Dampyr keeps its promises. As well as tells the text of a popular song The House of the Rising Sun, the player in the course of the pages feels more and more attracted by the house appointments to New Orleans. The atmosphere is made of smoke, sex and jazz and breathes to the end, and the vampires are, well dropped within this dimension.

The Girls of Mahogany Hall is expected to conclude in the next issue, but what it has offered up to now is enough to make us hope that that atmosphere is hard still, at least one register.

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