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Published on Feb 07, 2019


This time the stories of Dampyr's move in the Caribbean, in a hot and exotic, less usual for the adventures of Harlan Draka. But a change of scenery may be beneficial to vary on the theme, and bring Harlan and his companions, to breathe an atmosphere that mixes The Pirates of the Caribbean, Treasure Island, via Salgari.

The pirates! the story of the Master of the Night Akhar Nun, and how was it able to exercise its influence on well-the two crews of the undead. Harlan will be in the middle of the enemy's fire of the two sides, and will have to fight together to Kurjak and Tesla to eliminate the terrible curse of the Antilles.

The register 227 of the series of Dampyr is presented as a story rather sliding, with the theme of adventurous and interesting, but that fails to meet in full the target. The story and the script are signed by Giulio Antonio Gualtieri, who, together with a narrative rather sliding, presents a group of undead pirates interesting, but fail to puncture the page. The main enemy of Harlan, or Akhar Nun, fails to have the charisma necessary to win over the reader. And, you know, when the bad guy is not able to give a powerful impact on the narrative of the whole story suffers.

This does not mean that the comic is solid and stands up well to the narrative level. The pirates! is optimally supported by the drawings of Simone Delladio, which manages to make the leap to the whole visual setting of the register: the line is discontinuous, almost full, the atmosphere is rarefied and intriguing. The level of the designs is then quite high, and it remains a pity the fact that at the narrative level the story has some weakness, about all the lack of a villain quite charismatic.

Every month that passes close to the exit of the film on the Dampyr, announced during the Lucca Comics & Games 2018. The film will be released on the 23rd of January 2020, are missing then less than a year the first appearance on the big screen of Harlan Draka. Today, however, do not know the cast and date of the start of filming, which could also flick lovers, since the time of the making of the film are restricted.

The dampyriani are expecting a film to the height, and a Sergio Bonelli Editore's ready to bring his brand on the big screen in the best of ways. And for this reason every single register of Dampyr's output by 2019, it may be important to reinforce the mythology of a character that now, almost twenty years after its birth, it is more mature. We look forward to, for example, the story's protagonist, Robert Howard, creator of Conan (which made a small appearance in a book dedicated to Lovecraft).

These are the stories that intrigue most readers, the ones that use quotes and fantasy characters, or really existed as a basis for giving interesting narrative points of departure for the comics Dampyr. And under this point of view the Pirates! it came close to hitting the target, with a series of bad able to evoke the protagonists of Treasure Island of Stevenson, or the opponents of Jack Sparrow. But it was precisely the problem: the villain of the story tried to evoke these solid figures in the narrative, without, however, being able to really incarnarle. Shame, because the Pirates! it is, however, a register dampyriano enjoyable, which would, with some care more, stand out definitively the flight.

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