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Published on Oct 05, 2018


After traveling around Europe for a bit of time this month, the series of Dampyr lands on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, specifically in Cuba, where to wait for Harlan and his companions is once again a Master of the Night.

But, if you often the events concerning the enemies of Dampyr were intertwined with the Story, this time in the album Cuba Libre! the influence of the Masters of the Night on the destiny historical and social situation of the inhabitants of the island american is even more relevant.

The protagonist of this album is Shona Adams, a journalist for Rolling Stone, off to Cuba for bringing clarity to the mystery of Estella Velazquez, a popular singer of the Fifties, which seems to have retained its youth up to the present day.

Harlan and his companions will leave them to time to Cuba, attracted by a series of intrigues and mysteries, behind which hides Huracán, a Master of the Night, which has influenced the destiny of the island from its very origins, and which has intertwined his destiny with historical figures like che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

This Cuba Libre! it is a book that seems to break the rhythm and the atmosphere you breathe in recent times on the Dampyr, to bring the reader into an atmosphere even more exotic, and putting Harlan in comparison with a Maestro of the Night, which is still capable more than others to influence the historical path of an entire Country.

The screenplay by Luigi Mignacco is characterized by a good sense of rhythm, and dialogues, especially in the first part of the comic, they can be quite insistent.

Even the graphic used in the drawings by Dario Arena, which with its clear line is able to differentiate itself from designers seen usually on the head dampyriana, and to intrigue the readers with a stretch and difficult to see usually on the stories with the protagonist, Harlan Draka.

The clash between the Dampyr and Huracán promises to be prolonged in time, and ensure new emotions to the readers dampyriani the most loyal, who are constantly hunting for new and old Masters of the Night it can impose its own charism, and to be able to show their personality through the pages of the comic.

Cuba Libre! it is an interesting story that introduces the appearance of a Master of the Night, powerful and able to declare to Harlan Draka, a war which was to extend in time.

In addition, the most curious of the Cuba Libre! it is the skilful manner in which Mignacco manages to weave historical events with the canvas typical of the comics Dampyr. Then this is just one of the characteristics and prerogatives of the basis of the comic strip created by Mauro Boselli and Maurizio Colombo.

Cuba Libre! marks for a momentary detachment from a certain kind of atmosphere (mainly european) and “cold” to embrace the warmth of a Cuba that seems to be perpetually in motion, but that (as evidenced in the comics), is facing a particular historical period of change and opening to the West, within which old and new dynamics, and new and old powers, they can intersect. And to place all of this within the stories of Dampyr is one thing quite interesting.

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