Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi, a story from the preseason


Published on Aug 09, 2019


One of the (few) nice things in the preseason are the stories that it offers. Stories of players that do everything to look for a place in the list of 53 that they will face in the regular season, 37 in less than the ones that are at the moment the roster for each of the thirty-two teams.

Damon was born in 1995 in Orlando, Florida, and after high school in Michigan and enrolled at Mesa Community College, and a practical track and field. Goes to Phoenix College and joined the football team; in his first year he made 1178 yards on the return, which become 1278 with 4 touchdowns in the following year, the second in all of NJCAA, an association of all the Community College (state universities), the media on the return, and total yards on punt return.
In the Draft 2017, his name is totally ignored and Sheeny-Guiseppi is suited to do everything, but he absolutely wants to play its cards in the world of pro and this is held in the financial year. In April this year, Damon through friends of friends is aware that in Miami, the Cleveland Browns take place of the athletic tests on the invitation and without thinking twice takes, and from the Arizona portion to Florida.

There are two issues to deal with, however, the main are few dollars available and the second is to not be on the list of those invited to the test.
The first problem is solved by sleeping in the car or inside a gym open 24 hours on 24, where he spends a week 200 dollars in a personal trainer to retrieve the ideal form while the second takes a bit more ingenuity on your part.
Damon manages to know that a leader of the Browns will be present at the test, looking for his photo to recognize it once it was presented to Pete Bommarito's facility and once identified, presents itself to him, and convinces him that deserves a chance.

Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi is given the opportunity to try on 40 yards where he scored a great 4,38 seconds (sixth best absolute time between the receivers at the Combine NFL Indianapolis). The performance attracts the attention of those present that prove him as a punt returner and in the end they think it might have a chance in the workout official of the Cleveland Browns.

Damon must be able to withstand a week or arrangiandosi as can in view of the scarcity of dollars. Unable to obtain the guest pass for the gym, he rented a room in sharing, and trains more that can.
4 months have past and Sheehy-Guiseppi has survived the various cuts entering the roster of the 90's admitted to the training camp of the Browns, and yesterday finally made his debut in the NFL.
In the third quarter receives a step-Gilbert for six yards and six yards coming in the fourth quarter with the second reception of the day, but his real role, which is looking for a place in the NFL is the ritornatore and at the end he has his opportunity.

3 minutes and 22 seconds at the end of the game, fourth and four on the 31st of the Redskins who decide to invest in. The football Way is not bad at all, and 55 yards depth, and received on the 14 by Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi that takes the line in the right side, and it stops only after crossing the goal line, TOUCHDOWN BROWNS, TOUCHDOWN SHEEY-GUISEPPI.
Teammates who are familiar with its history, go crazy and invade the end zone to celebrate, travolgendolo and sommergendolo.

We do not know whether Damon will move on the cutting of the beginning of September to fulfil his dream of becoming a professional player, but thank him for allowing us to read and tell a beautiful story.




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