Daitarn 3, arrival in the collection of statuettes


Published on Dec 15, 2018


Yamato Video has announced a new publishing initiative dedicated to the giant robots of japanese imagery in the wake of the success of the previous Go Nagai Robot Collection Anime and the Robot Daitarn 3 3D Collection, a collection of statues inspired by the popular series robotic Sunrise.

Below are all the details from the post published on the official notice board of the publishing house in milan:


Yamato Video is proud to present a stunning new collection!
The Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere della Sera have: Daitarn3 3D Collection, a new series of models dedicated to all the protagonists of the legendary anime news Sunrise: The unbeatable Daitarn3.

The tenacious Haran Banjo, friends, Beauty, Reika and Garrison, the cruel enemies Don Zauker and Koros, all of the robotic vehicles and the unforgettable Commanders opportunity to expand in their unique transformation into a Megaborg, for the first time in a collection of 3D models perfect in every detail.
Accompanying each output, there is a precious booklet with trivia, information, and designs to find out all about the characters of the historical animated series robotic created by the brilliant Yoshiyuki Tomino!

The collection will consist a total of 60 models and the related booklet, on sale in newsagents from January to € 13,99 cad.

Anxiously waiting to find it in newsstand, you can see from next week a taste of the collection is exhibited in preview in Milan, at the Yamato Shop, in via Tadino, in front of number 5 (MM Porta Venezia – red line).

Daitarn 3, arrival in the collection of statues is




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