Dagashi Kashi, is the end of the manga Kotoyama


Published on Mar 17, 2018


The pages of issue 17 of the magazine Weekly Shonen Sunday, officially on sale on Tuesday, 20 March 2018, announced today the Dagashi Kashi will end within three chapters: if there are no breaks, the finale of the manga Kotoyama released on the number 20 of the magazine for boys published by Shogakukan will be the next 11th of April.

The author had already stated to have planned the layout of the finale of the series and be the next to conclusion in the author's note on the tenth booklet in japanese, released last February 16.

Kotoyama launched the series on the pages of the Sunday in June of 2014, the volume 11 of the series will be released in Japan on 18 May 2018, also in limited edition with the figures attached. In 2017, has been nominated for the 41 th edition of the Prize in the Manga, Kodansha.

Has inspired a light novel, and two animated series for tv, both 12 episodes — the first in January of 2016, the second in January 2018.

The manga series is published in italy by J-POP, volume 7 of the edition of the Italian scheduled for the 21st of March.

“Kokonotsu, the son of a seller of dagashi (snacks pre-packaged in japanese), one day meets a beautiful mysterious girl. Umaibo, Butaman, ramune working... While she speaks with enthusiasm of all these dagashi, the strange and fanciful summer of a country village.”

Source: ANN

Dagashi Kashi, is the end of the manga Kotoyama is




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