Cyberpunk 2077: all the details from the test demo


Published on Jul 23, 2019


In Cyberpunk 2077 if they are talking about in the last few years, ever since the Polish CD Projekt RED has unveiled the first details of this title really ambitious. As many now know this title will thrust us into the fearsome Night City, with a system that seeks to engage the player with the events, missions, objectives and a scenario of the game is vast.

But let's start from the beginning and with the order, saw that the meat on the fire is really great. One of the aspects on which the developers have given a guarantee is that we will be able to customize our character in a way the total. You'll find many shops where you can purchase various clothes and shoes. Some types of merchants will give us all of the unique objects and discounts at certain points of sale.

We will also have the chance to improve individually with a small upgrade, while for the major improvements we have to make use of a professional for our equipment.

There will also be objects which are particularly rare, both to buy and to convince the dealer to venderceli we have a reputation high, and always from the reputation of our character will depend on the quality of some of the objects that we will be offered. With a low reputation will make available only the objects, few powerful or of little value.

Of course, in the Cyberpunk 2077 the any hacks will make you the lord and master and for this aspect we will have to destreggiarci with mini-games that will be different on the basis of what we're trying to hack.

As it is logical guess, the greater will be the difficulty of what we want to do, the greater will be our hacking skills that we have developed. The learning curve we will see then at the beginning to destreggiarci with any port connected to a security system with a simple computer system. But man less move forward, we will be confronted with security mechanisms more complex that will require more ability of our character and also our own, of course.

The range of skills to develop will be really huge and will keep us busy for several hours in order to unlock them all. In fact, the developers have anticipated that each skill can get up to level 10, and in total there are sixty perk, 5 for each skill. Each perk has 5 levels of progression to unlock to be optimized to the maximum. In short, there will really be fun.

From the developers it was also confirmed that in Night City, there will be several religious cults, that will affect, obviously, the behaviour and the dynamics of the people with whom we relate. Since then attention will behave in an appropriate manner according to the creed professed.

In Night City, in addition to the main campaign, we will be able to deal also with so many sub quest and events in which to intervene. In this context, it was anticipated that when we follow a quest there will be clear signs as was the case in The Witcher 3, but to guide us we will have some parts of the interface that will highlight the parts of the scenario to follow.

Finally, there will be possible interactions during a dialogue already in progress. If you are talking with another character, and another comes, you have the faculty of turning to the latter, and interact by adding new options dialog box. Alternatively, we could also ignore the newcomer, continuing the dialogue unaltered.

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